Sunday Community Meetings at the Ashram Gather Momentum

by Rev. Jaspal Soni

As we enter the second month of hosting Sunday meetings at the ashram, the word is spreading around about the transforming power of the violet flame through the fliers posted on the auto-rickshaws, posters hanging on utility poles, signs outside the public parks and newspapers and magazines ads. Above all, violet flame is magnetizing friends and family members who accompany those who have been here before. People who attend our meetings seem overjoyed to share their testimonials with the group about the tangible power of violet flame in reshaping their lives for the better.

India - violet flame sign at the park

On an average, 10-15 people come each Sunday—usually half of them are new seekers. After an invocation by beloved Mother, we spend about an hour in sharing the teaching about violet flame and the power of the decrees. The chart of the I AM Presence and the understanding of the threefold flame makes it easier for people in making the connection with the Hindu Trinity of God within as Brahma (Father), Vishnu (Son) and Shiva (Holy Spirit).

India - violet flame sign lecture

We observed that acceptance of the violet flame becomes easier when approached from a Hindu perspective as rings of violet fire in the aura of dancing Nataraja (Shiva). It further helps them when they understand the meaning of ‘I AM’ as ‘Shiva in me is’ in the mantra:

I AM a being of violet fire,
I AM the purity God desires!

We conclude this portion of the meeting by chanting the mantras for the purification of each of the seven chakras alternating it with the above mantra.

During the second portion of the service, we use handouts from our mini-workshops given at the ashram last year which introduce seekers to the seven rays of Christ consciousness by offering a brief synopsis of the three divine evolutions of Chohans (ascended masters), Archangels (angels), and Elohim (elementals) followed by at least one decree for each category. It is inspiring to observe that by sharing teachings on a different ray each week, people have become more interested and look forward to the next meeting. We have learned that it helps to explain the meaning of the words in the decrees before giving them jointly since English is a second language for the Indians.

During the past two weeks, some people have become interested in learning more about the teachings and, therefore have formed groups of four and more to come to the ashram on weekday afternoons. We use the workbooks that were created before when we hosted full-day workshops on violet flame, angels, cosmic abundance and other topics.

The park near the Ashram

Another sign of the violet flame transformation taking place by the nature elements can be witnessed in the increased hustle and bustle of people in the 100-acre public park located across the ashram. One can notice a shift in energies upon entering the main gate of the park particularly, during the early morning and late afternoon hour. There is a general feeling of relaxation and more men, women and children can be seen communing with nature through jogging, walking, sitting, clapping and singing, exercising, doing yoga, playing cards and talking with each other.

The park near the Ashram

It is humbling to witness the spiritual growth taking place both at the individual and group levels week after week. Praise the transforming power of the violet flame!

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