Sunday Community Services Begin at the Ashram

by Rev. Jaspal Soni

In February, Chananda Cultural Society initiated a new cycle of holding two regular services on Sundays: 11:00 am to 2:00 pm and 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm. To inform people about these events, we have placed over 25 canvas sign boards (3 feet X 5 feet in size) in the neighborhood on telephones poles and along traffic circles. We also advertised in local newspapers and magazines about the Sunday services and each week we make telephone calls to remind people to attend. Both new seekers and old members are responding with great enthusiasm.

Ashram Sunday meeting - Feb 7, 2016
Ashram Sunday meeting – Feb 7, 2016

We have also placed over 200 ads bearing a violet flame mantra and contact information about the Sunday services on the backs of three wheeler taxis (tuk-tuks) that roam Delhi streets. One person who came to our recent meeting said that while he was riding on his motor bike on a very busy traffic road, he noticed that ad on the back of a tuk-tuk, asked the driver of the tuk-tuk to stop his vehicle, took the picture of the ad using his cell phone and called us for more information. He owns a drug rehab NGO in the city which is dedicated to helping addicted people. He said he himself was once a drug addict who has given up that habit and now wants to help others by educating them. He has invited us to visit his Center to do violet flame workshops before his group so they can learn about violet flame mantras and overcome their addictions.

violet flame banners

Another person, who lives in our neighborhood, saw the ad in a new age magazine about the violet flame mantra, “I AM a being of violet fire, I AM the purity God desires” for healing relationships. He told us that he had been carrying deep emotional scars for many years caused by the betrayal of his close family members and did not know how to free himself from that weight. He wanted to know if the violet flame could free him from that energy that had begun to affect his physical health. Other people who have attended our Sunday services have shared similar thoughts.

Our experience shows that there are some people who are looking seriously for answers to finding God. However, there are many others who are looking for keys to resolve the personal and family problems they are facing in their day-to-day lives. These problems can be grouped broadly into the three categories of:
(1) relationships,
(2) financial insecurities; and
(3) health issues.
These usually occupy people’s energies every day, thus leaving little or no time for a spiritual quest.

Ashram Sunday meeting - Feb 14, 2016
Ashram Sunday meeting – Feb 14, 2016

The common question asked by most people who have come into contact with the teachings of the ascended masters is: Can the violet flame help us overcome our personal problems and restore balance in our lives? During our Sunday services, we focus on answering this question by sharing the many benefits of applying violet flame to our problems through a two-fold strategy of understanding: (1) the chart of the I AM Presence; and (2) the science of the spoken word.

Before we enter the decreeing phase, we explain to people the meaning of the words of each decree and the science of how to engage our three upper chakras — heart, throat and the third-eye — in the ritual of decreeing. It is humbling to witness the transformation on their smiling faces as they leave after the service.

Praise God for the violet flame!

P.S. Please stay tuned for updates on our research of opening an additional ashram in Darjeeling!

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  1. My experience is that 99% of people are looking for the spiritual solution for personal problems and that is ok. Gradually you learn that God- Brahman is solution.Some are already aware that all within and without ‘self’ is God.
    Great activities Jaspal & team.
    Glory to God!

  2. God bless you and your team for such incredible dedication and devotion to the mission, this is truly inspiring. Susie

  3. God Bless You for all the Great Ideas and sharing your wonderful experiences. You are so inspiring.

    Vicki Vaughan

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