Something Wonderful Is Going to Happen!

By Rev. Carol Cobb

This happens to be a Great White Brotherhood mantram…
What God is interested in is having the consciousness of great expectations.
Expect much and receive much.

Mark L. Prophet, 1966

Chicago teaching center

My story begins in 1982. I was told about an outreach program that was in the city of Chicago that talked about our destiny, that we were responsible for all of our thoughts, our actions and even our feelings and we could change our life!

I thought “Wow! I can’t wait to see what they have to say!”

It was on a week night in the city. The hostess was Marjorie Lombard. I will never forget how she went up to each one of us and shook our hand and I felt like her heart melted into mine. Her smile was so beautiful. I thought “what a nice lady.” I even remembered what she wore. She had a navy blue suit on!

Marjorie Lombard gave each one of us a Heart, Head and Hand booklet and she explained a little bit about the violet flame and how it could bring more joy, more peace of mind and healing. I thought “this is great!”

When I said the words “Violet Fire Thou Love Divine, Blaze within this Heart of Mine, I thought, “I love this! This is just what I have been looking for.” I could actually feel the violet flame blessing me with joy! It was Wonderful!

Since that time I have been moving forward on my journey by putting one foot in front of the other, and with God’s Guidance I feel I have not missed a step. One day at a time! I worked with the teachings by taking what made sense to me, and how I felt I could apply the teachings to my life, and the rest I put on the shelf. Once I felt comfortable with what I had learned and could apply it, I would go to the shelf and take another teaching and work on that!

My husband called it the “Salami System – One Slice at a Time.” It worked for me. It is great to learn all about the teachings. The way I found I could make a difference in my life is by applying what I learned. It was in the application! We easily can become professional students!

I immediately started to attend a study group which was approximately ½ hour from my home which I truly enjoyed. It was really good meeting other people who were interested and wanted to learn.

After several months I wanted my entire family to know about the Violet Flame and these incredible teachings. The best way I thought I could do this was to have a study group meet in my own home. This turned out to be a great blessing! My family ended up participating. This was a bonus that I had not considered.

I became a Keeper of the Flame in 1983 and soon became a Communicant of our beautiful church.

I then was asked to join the Board locally in Chicago. I became president of our board. Our Messenger, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, had given me an assignment to move our teaching center to a place in the suburbs.

Before I started on our fund raising project “Holy Justinius” gave a dictation on February 28th, 1993.

“Know then, that this day the Seraphim of God make a statement by their very presence in this city. Therefore, on behalf of all Seraphim I say, let the Keepers of the Flame who claim this city and this state as their own to rise to the opportunity of presenting to the world the opening of the doors of a center of Light that shall allow those from every walk of life to enter there, to worship God, and to know him intimately in the Presence of the “I AM That I AM.”
– POW 1993 Vol. 36 No 17

With approximately 45 people within a 2-1/2 year period of time we raised $350,000. Our messenger, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, gave us lots of encouragement and direction and the rest is history!

O God You Are So Magnificent!

We moved into our new facility which was a Baptist Church which was approximately 35 years old. The Baptist Congregation named the church “A Church for All Seasons” I truly felt El Morya!

We occupied the church on May 1, 1998. Saint Germain’s Ascension Day! We are still here and our largest attendance was over 120 people for our Christmas Celebration in December 2015!

My most cherished career has been being a wife, a mother, and now a grandmother! What a blessing! If I would have missed this opportunity I don’t feel I would be the person I am today and being able to help other mothers and families with their life’s experiences!

I spent about 30 plus years in the Real Estate Business with my husband Bernie Cobb! Never did I think that this was leading to my passion of being a Minister. I became a Lay Minister in 1998 and I became an Ordained Minister in 2001.

Church Universal and Triumphant has been a Godsend to me in my life. These teachings have helped me to understand my reason for being, why it is so important to strive to become the Christ. I truly believe that with God’s mercy, He helps us to understand how important it is to get ourselves out of the way and remember Jesus’ words “What is that to me follow thou me.”

I was raised with incredible parents who lived a life of purity of heart and one of their favorite sayings was “If you cannot say something nice, do not say anything at all.”

I have found that has been the key to the Growth in Chicago. The Masters will send new people if there is harmony. When we have goals and we can train ourselves to see the good in others and remember what Mark Prophet said. He never met a man he didn’t like because he only focused on the Christ in each person.

That is our motto in Chicago. We have such a hard working board who love this church and community who are full of joy and they love to bring their family and friends to Church!

Something wonderful is going to happen! When we expect much we receive much!

All my love.

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  1. Thank you, Carol

    for your beautiful testimony.

    It is my mantra too. I have written it on every beach I have travelled to – including Australia.

    I am blessed too, with 6 wonderful grandchildren (2 to 11) -1 in China.
    We live in beautiful area in Nature, called Blue Mountains by Georgian Bay and enjoy all the activities offered here.

    I do think of you often and remember you saying
    “The Light of God Never Fails.”


  2. I enjoyed your story. I have been a Keeper since 1979, and have been at all of the Teaching Centers near Chicago. Right now I am in McHenry and do not care to drive so far alone. Are there any other Keepers in this area? In a dictation, Saint Germain said that the Lords of Karma require that at least one Keeper in a town is required to hold the balance. I have often wondered if I am the only one here.

    • Hi Shelia, Your question was forwarded to the Member Advocates to help you in finding nearby Keepers. Thank you for holding the flame in McHenry!

  3. Dearest Carol, what an inspirational story! Your love for us all shines through your words, Thank you and God bless you. Susie Shimmin

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