Witness about the Violet Flame

By Esperanza Resendiz

violet flame y Virgin de Guadalupe

I was born in Mexico City; I got married at 22 and I have a nice family of 4 children and my partner Pedro.

I became a member of the Rosicrucian Order Amorc in the year after my marriage. There I received some teachings from the Ascended Masters Saint Germain, Kuthumi and master Morya. Throughout the years and due to the interest of getting to know more about this subject, I bought the books of these Masters that have been published in Spanish, and in 1984, in a poster at a bookstore in Guadalajara, the master Saint Germain was extending the invitation to a violet flame retreat, that was to take place on June 24 in Livingston, Montana.

I, without thinking about it too much, made arrangements and departed at that time for Montana, and it was a marvelous experience, so many people that were present at the dictations delivered by the Messenger; it caused an impact on me. And since then I have been working with the violet flame. She has been my partner, my assistance and getting to know the beloved Master Saint Germain has transformed my life.

Along with my family, I have lived in several states of Mexico and in Central America. But I have always continued to study and to broaden my knowledge and I have always felt how wonderful these teachings are and I have always felt very grateful for the fact that I know about them.

Currently, I feel healthy and complete in my maturity as a person and very happy to be able to participate with my family as I share with them much of what I know. My life is a common life, but I have always been assisted by beings of Light, who have kept me company throughout all my life.

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