Summit University Australia 2016

By David Cap, President of the Summit Lighthouse in Australia

Australia SU 2016 group photo

This year’s Summit University was a great success. Well done to everyone on the South Pacific Region (SPR) subcommittee for all the hard work they have put in organizing and planning everything. The whole week unfolded smoothly with no real concerns at all and the attendance of around 60 people was our best ever!

The event was held at Wiseman’s Ferry in New South Wales at Australis Retreat. The venue was absolutely beautiful, placing us in a location surrounded by tree-covered hills, amongst many exotic plants with beautiful birds flying close to us chirping away helping us to connect with nature.

Many familiar faces attended this year, but there were still quite a few first timers on the quest for truth.

The Summit University course we studied together was entitled The Fire of Initiation: Embrace the Deep Mysteries of the Heart which had only been coordinated last year. The first time it was held was in Montana, at the Summer Summit University in July 2015. Being granted permission to be able to study this course at short notice was truly a blessing. Through this topic of study we all as a class dug deeply into the mysteries of the Ruby Ray path. This path is the same path that every saint before us has walked on and been initiated through in their journey back to God.

Some of the attendees stayed on site. Some of us had rented cottages in the local areas, with several true campers among us living out of their motorhomes or camping at the local caravan park.

There were quite a few families this year, and with all the facilities available, all the children really had a ball. There was a swimming pool onsite, massive golf course, and a big games room with table tennis, pool, darts and movies. The team also set up a children’s room. Not to mention having a handful of Montessori teachers attending this year was a bonus as well, with many of them played their part bringing all their teaching activities and games for the children to be engaged.

The children’s room was downstairs and upstairs was the big conference room where all the lectures and teachings were held. It had a big wall of windows on one side, which allowed us to see the whole landscape from where we were studying.

The food provided was beautiful as well. Having a big catered buffet breakfast every morning really helped us all sit still in class with a full stomach.

For the first couple of days we had some intense fiery hot weather and the air conditioning struggled to cope. Nothing too much for us to handle though, as we had a swimming pool on site which helped some of us when taking a bit of time out to cool down.

The annual general meeting was held as well by the South Pacific Region to update all of the community of the SPR’s progress and achievements for the last year. It was at this meeting that it was announced that the SPR have been granted permission by Headquarters in Montana for Australia to become a virtual chartered study group, the first of its kind. Now the South Pacific Region in Australia will be operating under the new name “The Summit Lighthouse of Australia.” This has been a big project for our subcommittee to achieve. So much gratitude is shown to you all for your efforts in helping us complete this task.

The class also hit a pivoting point during our “What Next Australia?” workshop. Everyone broke into groups brainstorming strategies to expand our community and reach more hearts in each of our cities.

With all the creative ideas that we came up with to promote the Ascended Masters Teachings within our cities, I am sure that some of them will work if we apply them and make the calls.

Through the week there were four baptism blessings given by our Regional Ministers. Also two new people have made the step in registering to become Keepers of the Flame. Congratulations to those who have been blessed and taken that step. I know God is working with us all and will continue to do so as we work for him.

The week finished beautifully with a special Sunday Service. Following the service the majority of attendees rushed off and loaded into the shuttle bus to start the journey home.

I know the light released through this Summit University will help all of us individually, and as a nation, in achieving a powerful year in 2016.

No word as yet in which Australian state will be holding Summit University in 2017. We encourage you all to start researching venues and options to put in your application for your state and who knows, it may just be held in your city next year by the grace of God.

Until then, God Victory to The Summit Lighthouse of Australia! Thank you.

3 Responses to Summit University Australia 2016

  1. Dear David Cap,
    This is to congratulate you all a dozen times for the success of SU Autralia.

    We here in Nigeria are following the footsteps of all groups who have scaled the ladder of passing your tests in upgrading the light in your countries.
    Keep it up, my brother.

    We are planning to host SU here in Nigeria and are already gathering facts from the already held SUs in the world.

    We hope to see you one day in Nigeria in a big and bold way.

    More sunshine to Australia!!

    Rev Sammy Aryee

    Regional Minister, Nigeria.

  2. What a great group of devotees of the ascended masters with such radiant and smiling faces!
    Rev. Jaspal Soni, New Delhi, India

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