Love Is the Key

By Sister Elizabeth St Clair

Have you ever felt out of control, depressed, stressed out, or angry? Do negative thoughts or behaviors interfere with your relationships or stop you from reaching your goals? Have you tried human solutions for these problems that just did not seem to work? Well maybe you are ready to learn a whole new approach to gaining your victory through the help of the ascended masters! The simple truth is that the answers you are looking for are inside of you…right within your very own heart!1

Mother Mary tells us “Blessed ones, it is the only way. Your victory must be won! And this wrestling, as the spiritual work, must be accompanied by a true examination of the components of the psyche, hence the psychology. When you know yourself and know exactly why you have the behavior patterns that you have, I know that you will systematically go after them. You will be an observer from the center of the Eighth Ray chakra of the heart. You will watch yourself and your emotions and your conversations. You will listen to yourself speaking and reacting. And you will be in the heart of the Teacher.”2

Dr Patricia Parham
Dr Patricia Parham

I was recently able to attend an excellent workshop on psychology that follows the Teachings of the Ascended Masters. The name of the workshop is “Transforming Your Shame into Worthiness.” It was designed and facilitated by Dr. Patricia Parham. She earned a degree in community psychology, runs her own organization development consulting business and teaches psychology at the collegiate level.

At the Washington, D.C. Teaching Center we were fortunate to have Dr. Parham offer this ground breaking two-day workshop and to experience the different ways we can heal our psychology with the teachings of the Ascended Masters. We shared how shame affected each of us. An added benefit was a bonding of the members of the Washington, D.C. Teaching Center.

Mother-Mary statue at the AshramMother Mary has promised us blessing when we work with our psychology.

“I come to bless you in your endeavors to deal with personal records, with the forces of psychology represented, even out pictured, in the astrology known to you, beloved; for this was my last assignment to you. And I have returned in gratitude [for your efforts and] for the mending of the separated parts as these have been sewn together again in the psyche by angels [who] are knitting together components of the soul fractured by deep schism in this and past lives.”3

We made joyful sounds when we gave decrees at the end of each session to transmute the memories of shame. Patricia sent us home on the first day and asked returnees to give the Surrender Rosary and throw all into the flame.

We also invoked Kuthumi’s dispensation and called to him to heal our physical health and psychology. You can give this call daily to take advantage of this dispensation:

In the name of my Mighty I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self, I make my determination to transcend my former self and I call to beloved Kuthumi to tutor me through my own heart and any messenger you may send my way for the healing of my physical health and psychology. I accept this done today according to God’s Holy Will. Amen.4

Patricia’s workshop helps us to heal our psychology by surrendering it to God. Love is the key to overcome the deep schisms in each of us and the Ascended Masters show us the way.

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