Eastern Nigeria Tour a God Victory

By Revs. Sammy T. Aryee and Janet Osuji, Regional Ministers, Nigeria

We like to say a big thank you for your tremendous prayers and being with us in spirit for this successful marathon tour.
It was a great success and the Keepers of the Flame and new seekers asked when we will come again.

The Hamatan dry season is intensifying and we journeyed through the hot, dusty, dry and low humidity weather to meet our friends who were anxiously waiting for us.

We started on 20th November and concluded on 7th December, 2015.

In Abia State

The trip of nine hours from Lagos State took us fifteen hours due to some unforeseen circumstances.

Ministers and Board of TSL group in Abia State

TSL Study Group Leader in Umudike Town, Charlieben Kamalu and the Board, thankfully welcomed us and commented that the visit was very heart-warming and they were strengthened when we shared some new updates. Four Communicant candidates are preparing for their initiations while the group is getting ready to be chartered. They were excited to hear about Summit University Nigeria preparations for 2017. We shared outreach multimedia resources and inserts as well as discussed about growth and welfare for three days including family worship. We encouraged them to play Mother’s videos and more dictations.

In Cross River State

Calabar TSL Study Group members
We arrived in Calabar, the capital of Cross River State the next day after three and a half hours road drive and spent eight working days with the group. Group President, Mary Okon joyfully received us.

Calabar Communicant candidates
Calabar Communicant candidates

There was a rousing welcome. They appreciated that in the absence of Rev Paul Kyei there is hope for growth through our sacrifice and service to move the group forward spiritually. We had sacraments of six Baptisms, twenty four Confirmations and eleven Communicant candidates are preparing for their blessings.

Calabar baptism candidates
Calabar Baptism candidates

To uplift the group spiritually, we encouraged them to get chartered and planned to visit them at least four times a year to address their needs. Many challenges on relationships, conflicts, economic and psychological issues were addressed by the ministers.

Calabar Confirmaton candidates
Calabar Confirmaton candidates

Members who have stayed away due to personality clashes and disagreements decided to come back and are happy for the new developments. They were excited to hear about Summit University, Nigeria 2017 and hope to experience it as God wills.

In Bayelsa State

It took five hours approximately from Calabar to reach the major town, Kaiama, next major city to Yenagoa the capital in Bayelsa State.
The audience comprised of many youths. On 3rd December, at the town hall, we presented the five-star topic: Karma, Reincarnation and Christianity. A philosophy graduate bought our books on Lost Teachings of Jesus. Amazingly, “karma” is popularly becoming a household word in Nigeria.

We had a four and a half hour decree session in Boro Town, a former Niger Delta Militant base where Isaac Adaka Boro their leader, was killed during a militant operation about five kilometers from Kaiama town where we had the seminar. Governorship elections for Bayelsa took place on the 5th. Despite threats of violence, it was orderly and less riotous.

We departed on 4th December to Rivers State.

In Rivers State

We arrived in Port Harcourt, the Rivers State capital on 4th December and departed 7th after a very beefy schedule.

Referrals from The Summit Lighthouse website directed by Headquarters Customer Services to the ministers, have amazingly increased to 15! We met some old registered vibrant members who said we needed to come as often as possible to help revive the dwindled group. Group coordinator, INC Herbert, had many challenges and was grateful to have our ministerial support to bring many of them together again.

On Sunday 6th, we had a full Sacred Ritual Service, lecture on Karma and Reincarnation, dealt with African ancestral curses and the family tree, the Lord’s Ritual of Exorcism and Holy Communion. We rounded up with a brief business meeting on how they can have a place for worship.

We have a follow up plan to groom three communicant candidates and other sacraments.

More referrals are coming in from Edo, Delta, Imo, Anambra, Enugu and Akwa Ibom States. We hope to meet them by first half in 2016.

We thank Beloved Afra for his promise that whatever we need will be provided. He actually provided our needs as they arose at the right time and place. And he did not disappoint us.

On the 7th December, we returned to Lagos safely to prepare for the New Year Conference.

Once more, we appreciate your calls and support for this victorious tour.

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  1. I am happy to note that wonderful this of this nature which can bring humanity together in love is happening quietly. Please, continue in this good work .Thank you. J Umukoro

  2. Vow! What a great God Victory for the Brotherhood in Nigeria, Africa and the planet. God bless Sammy, Janet and the team.
    Rev. Jaspal Soni, New Delhi, India

  3. Awesome! That’s what I call “Ministration in Action.” A big thank you to Guru Ma and Lanello for the teachings.

  4. It was a wonderful event, I would never forget it. We are grateful to God for making it possible. We in Calabar say a big thank you to our two Reverend ministers and beautiful lightbearers that made this possible. Gracia…. Mercie

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