Weekend Renewal at Phoenix TC

By Rosalinda Siciliano

Last month, the Phoenix Teaching Center dedicated a weekend to making heart to heart contact with Keepers of the Flame and inquirers. We invited them to a tea before our Saint Germain service. It was joyful to share prayer requests and actually take time to listen heart to heart.

In this age of technology, many of us have relied on the wonderful internet broadcast for services. Our board asked the question “How can we renew attendance?” We reached out by calling and writing longtime Keepers of the Flame to attend a meet and greet with us and Rev. Lois Drake, minister for Region 1, before the Saturday night service. Joy, caring, and focus permeated our center throughout the live service that included local issues. It is amazing to be in a room with a group of dedicated, one-pointed decreers. The light was so tangible!

Phoenix TC weekend renewal

We called people. We asked them for any prayer requests. We cooked for them and provided a free lunch. We provided child care. We sent them a handwritten Christmas card. We sent them a pretty reminder using Constant Contact via email. Who does it – are the board members and/or a person who is skilled in communications who care about our community and have in mind the true purpose of community as vital for the survival of the teachings.

The most important ingredient is a caring heart who is willing to take loving action, even in small things like say, “How are you?” And then listen and not try to give advice. To pray and ask the angels to surround the person or persons. And of course feeding them is always welcomed and enjoyed. In fact, sharing food is an abundant action that creates more abundance, not only physically but in the feeling and mind.

Rev. Lois Drake led the Sunday service, Expect a Miracle in Relationships, in a full sanctuary. Both inquirers and Keepers of the Flame traveled from all over the state to attend. People were delighted and happy to be there. We enjoyed a delicious buffet lunch followed by our annual meeting.

What made the difference? Reaching out by calling personally, asking questions, providing a high interest topic, and giving lots of TLC. We are grateful for this renewal and will continue to reach out so that our teaching center becomes a popular place to connect, a must for true community. We want to continue to having a monthly tea before the Saint Germain service.

Thank you Rev. Lois and all those who served and attended. If you have questions or would like to visit or be a guest speaker, you are welcome to contact us. Phoenix is beautiful and spring-like at this time of the year. thesummitlighthousephoenix@gmail.com. 480.442.5020

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