How Everything Started to Make Sense

By Bridget Hansard

Bridget HansardNo matter how long ago it happened, people who have found the Teachings of the Ascended Masters will always remember their first encounter with this exciting spiritual path.

Each one of us has their unique story. It seems the Ascended Masters go into great creativity to key into our souls and put images, signs, words or symbols or dreams into our lives that are way showers and road signs specifically for the individual soul to find their way to these amazing teachings.

Thus it happened to me many years ago. I grew up in Europe and always felt that my destiny was to go to the US. I had no specific idea why and what it was. When I was 10 years old I saw on TV a documentary about Montana and my inner voice said: “That’s where you will be one day.” It looked like the Swiss Alps to me and I felt no affinity to mountains and fir trees at all and I responded to that inner voice: “No way!” And guess what: that’s where I live and fulfill my dharma today – more than 4 decades later.

Montana wilderness

So how did that happen?

In my late twenties I was living in London and at some point it dawned on me that the Spiritual Path and Teacher I was looking for on my search through all the world religions was somehow connected with my desire to go to the US and that there might be a key to all of this in London. I loved the sound and rhythm of words. At that time I was fascinated with Shakespeare and also read more about sounds and colors and how they affected our health and being.

One day my Taiwanese neighbor came back from a Body, Mind and Spirit show and had me listen to a cassette of an unusual kind of English mantras called ”Save the World with the Violet Flame”. I was familiar with Christian prayer and Sanskrit mantras and these were similar and yet totally unique. The sound of the mantras struck me in such a way that I had to have a copy. She told me that the people from whom she purchased the mantras had a lecture that same night and would surely have more of those cassettes for sale. When we got to the lecture they had a book table set up and a friendly lady from Ghana sold me a violet flame cassette, as well as one on blue flame and one on yellow flame and a book on the “Lords of the Seven Rays”.

Back home I played the tape with the violet flame mantras. There was this one mantra which said “I am a being of violet fire. I am the purity God desires.” over and over. I felt transported up a spiral staircase and transformed me in a mysterious way. From that night onwards I spoke the mantras every day. I read the book which explained how to learn from the Lords of the Seven Rays to use not only the Violet Flame, but seven different flames and what positive changes they can bring into our life and the world around us.

In addition to the violet flame or ray of transformation I started using the blue ray for protection and the yellow ray for wisdom and learning. This became my daily practice. I loved it so much that I did it for hours each day and my total being and world became so amazingly transformed, harmonious, joyous and energetic. I got up early and started my day this way. I needed less sleep and many things that I couldn’t understand before became so much clearer to me.

I started going to the meetings of The Summit Lighthouse group. Here I met other likeminded people. We chanted the mantras – which I learned were called “decrees” – in a group which I found much more powerful. We listened to lectures by Elizabeth Clare Prophet which I found amazing. It was here were I found out more about the Master Saint Germain and his Keepers’ of the Flame Fraternity. I had the deep desire to join his fraternity and help “Saving the World with the Violet Flame.”

It was in the meetings in London that I heard about “the Inner Retreat” a place of spiritual encounter in Montana where people from all over the planet, from any religious background and any walk of life come together in conferences to give the decrees. Here the Teachings of the Ascended Masters are taught in greater detail and live dictations – messages from the Masters – were delivered through their Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet.

From London I went to Montana. Here I met Elizabeth Clare Prophet who became my guru and taught me so much.

sun dog over Montana

Soon it dawned on me: Here I was, in Montana, just as the inner voice during the TV documentary when I was 10 years old had prophesied. So many things that I had a vague idea of became clear to me over the years of studying and practicing these amazing teachings. Like I mentioned before, each one of us has their unique story where the Ascended Masters have put signs, images or sounds before us, like crumbs on the road that lead us to their feet and help us to confirm that we have found what we were truly looking for and that we have come to the right place. Here I was and I had found what I was looking for all my life.

This was a beginning of the most amazing journey. And ever since – every day I take a step on the path of my sacred adventure together with my beloved husband, my family and our growing worldwide community of Keepers of the Flame and hearts of light who have all their own unique story of how they came here.

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  1. Thank you Bridget for sharing your story. It is so inspiring. The is what we get when we follow the promptings of our Higher Self. I love that you resonated with the decrees straight away.

    It’s interesting that you met someone from Ghana at the London Teaching Centre. It has always been a magnet for people from that country. Today, most of the regular members are from Ghana.

  2. Hi Patricia and Josephine,
    Great to see your comments on my post. I look forward to reading your stories.

  3. Bridget, I just read your story on your finding the Teachings. You are a gifted writer. I enjoyed the way you connected the different pieces of your unique experience. Your honesty about questioning what certain signs meant was also appreciated. While all our stories are unique, there is a common thread. You stated all of this in the way you wrote. I hope that you have or will continue to write. Thank you for sharing your story and gift. I too like your photo.
    Always VIctory…Linda Niles Nix

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