Archangel Michael, Help Me!

By María Luisa Veliz Barzola and Julia Leonor Barzola

On April 19, 2013, at Guayaquil, Ecuador, my mother, Julia Leonor Barzola and myself, María Luisa Veliz, Communicant of Church Universal and Triumphant, were involved in a traffic accident in which we almost lost our lives, because the vehicle in which we were traveling was slammed into by a 4×4 vehicle that was going at full speed.

In those moments my mother was making calls to the Virgin and I, to the beloved Archangel Michael; I was shouting “Archangel Michael, help me, help me, help me!” so loudly that people around us whispered saying: “the girl is calling for her husband whose name is Michael, they must be dead, nobody survives an accident like that.”

My mother shared later that she felt that our car was going to fall into a swamp that is found along that avenue, but somehow the car aligned itself again.

At that moment a man dressed in white, a very tall man, appeared, in a car that was also white; he brought out a steel rod and opened a door and pulled my mom and later myself out of the car; he sat us down inside his car and asked us where we were going, my mother replied that we were heading south. Later he drove for two more blocks, he poured water on our heads and started praying, from what I heard he was saying, “Lord, make it possible for these two women not to have a single broken bone, for they are your daughters and they love you, help them.”

We arrived at our home very quickly, he asked us for our keys and opened the door and left us inside. I was very much in a daze, with prominent and inflamed hematomas, but in a matter of seconds I turned to thank the man that had rescued us, but he had disappeared, he was no longer there. I was very awestruck.

My mother and I give this real witness that angels and archangels exist, that they are very real; from the altar of my heart I bow on my knees in gratitude for this life-opportunity, thanks to my beloved Archangel Michael.

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  1. Aw bless! Thank you for sharing your story Maria Luisa. It is so inspirational. I am so glad that through the grace of God, you were saved from what could have been a bigger calamity.

  2. What a beautiful testimony. I’m from Ecuador as well. I am so happy you that you were saved from what could have been a tragic accident. Such a blessing from having faith in Archangel Michael and the Virgin Mary.

  3. Thank you, María Luisa, for sharing your inspiring story about Archangel Michael! I have already sent the link to your story to 4 friends…and will probably send it to a few more before the end of the day. What a wonderful testimony to your devotion to Archangel Michael and to the power of prayer!

  4. Attunement, Faith and practice are perfect links to an immediate response from high. Archangel Michael divine commitment is sure when we are attuned with him.

    Thanks God you got the miracle…

    Kind regards.

    Mario Brito

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