New Customer Service Manager

By Mary Galloway

Human Resources is pleased to announce that Susie Shimmin has been hired to be our Customer Service Manager. She will succeed Joanne Boeckman who is moving into a Gift Planning Facilitator position within the Church’s Stewardship Team in 2016. Susie began her training on December 1, 2015 and will be responsible for managing the Customer Service Team and maintaining the high level of customer service and satisfaction that this team strives to offer our members and guests.

Highlights of Susie’s qualifications include background in customer service, marketing, event and resort management, guest services, visitor information, scheduling, booking reservations, software and database management. She has a diploma in Hospitality from TAFE New South Wales Institute, Australia and many years of hands-on experience in the hospitality industry. Prior to accepting this position, Susie served at the Inner Retreat as a Volunteer In Action for the past 2-1/2 years and also worked in Guest Services and Group Management for a hotel in the Gardiner area.

Susie brings experience and a proven professional track record of success in the client service area which we believe will be invaluable in meeting the organization’s service goals and objectives. Susie looks forward to meeting and serving you, our members and guests. Although she will not fully assume her new role until March 2016, you will soon begin to see her name in various memos and announcements related to Customer Service.

Susie shared in her application: “It has long been a dream to serve the Masters here at the Inner Retreat and this (Customer Service) is where my special skills and talent lie…I believe I bring to this position a flame of joy, love and happiness.”

Please join us in welcoming and congratulating Susie Shimmin in the Customer Service Manager role at The Summit Lighthouse.

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