Finding the Teachings in Spain

By Maria Teresa Roman

Maria Roman - 1

After traveling and looking all over for something that I did not know was outside of myself, one day I found myself on the balcony of my apartment in Madrid on the 8th floor, saying, “This world is missing something. Oh, God, help me find it!”

And God responded with these Teachings. The missing piece, which makes sense out of everything I was looking for, is karma and reincarnation. When I heard about it, I couldn’t believe it and said to myself, “Now everything makes sense.” This is a message I like to share with new students that I run into. But before this, I had to make a change in my life which took place after I visited India in the eighties. I always talk about my life before and after India. This is because when I returned from India, my life changed.

Maria Roman - 2

I changed my habits and food and left my studies in Philology at the university because I had to read many books that I was not interested in at the time and I began to read esoteric books.

My trip to India affected me greatly, something changed inside of me, and everything was familiar. I seemed to know all the smells, the places and sometimes, even the people. Certain things happened that I did not understand at the time. I visited Delhi, Agra and Jaipur – which were the palaces of El Morya, without knowing who he was. A tour guide told us he was a prince and astrologer who had designed astrological observatories that could be operated by no one but himself and no one else in my tour took note.

But the change happened little by little because in Madrid, I would always buy Indian clothes, purses, dresses, scarves, jackets etc. My friends would say, “You really like Indian clothing.” And then we prepared to go on the trip to India.

Maria Roman - 3

When I returned I decided to change my life. I stopped going out and having a good time and began to search inside myself. I began to read different books. I searched for a yoga school called “The Great Universal Brotherhood.” I purchased a book there which spoke about Saint Germain and it said that he had a messenger in this century. I would ask my yoga teachers and other people, but no one knew how I could find this messenger, Then, one Sunday, a friend phoned me and said, “Teresa, come. There is a conference in the Princesa Hotel about the Masters, which you are going to like.” That is where I found Erica from Austria who was giving a beautiful lecture in Spanish and I didn’t want to miss anything.

She announced that Mother would be coming to Europe. This was in 1985. When Mother came to Spain and Portugal I didn’t miss a single event because this is what I had been looking for all my life in spite of the fact that I had previously been involved with several esoteric centers. Something was always missing until I found these Teachings and I told to myself that I had found the answer to all the questions I had had in my life. Erica remained with us for a time until we could find a place in Madrid and that is where we began the first center in Spain in 1986.

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