Sacramento, California Dedication Weekend Event

By Josephine Alvarez

The Summit Lighthouse Study Group of Sacramento, California celebrated the dedication of our new location in August. Reverends Lois Drake, Valerie McBride, and Ana Maria Dean came to officiate the occasion. The weekend event was attended by Keepers of the Flame from Sacramento and San Francisco.

Our event started off on Saturday morning with an invocation by Mother and an hour of decrees to set the forcefield of protection for the weekend. Then I, President of the Sacramento Study Group, welcomed everyone. Our other Board members, Robert McDaniel and Bill Breen, were introduced to the attendees as well as the reverends.

Robert McDaniel gave a brief and much enjoyed history of the Summit Lighthouse Study Group in Sacramento. Our group has been serving this area for over 40 years. It was chartered in 1973. There have been many meeting places and many members that have come and moved on since its inception. It was so interesting to hear the history of our study group and we were all so grateful to Robert and Bill for doing the research on its history.

Sacramento study group dedicationA lovely dedication ceremony for our new location followed. Rev. Valerie McBride performed the ceremony. As part of the ceremony we heard a dictation from ascended master Paul the Venetian given originally in Sacramento. The dictation was perfect for our dedication ceremony and very special.

After the ceremony, Rev. Lois Drake shared with us how she found the teachings and asked us to introduce ourselves and share how we found the teachings. It was great fun to hear everyone’s story and to get to know each other in ways we had not done before. It was interesting to note that we all had the same inner calling and desire, although our experiences were different, to find our true divine path which led us to the ascended master’s teachings. By the time we finished sharing it was time for lunch.

Sacramento table altar
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After an enjoyable community lunch, Rev. McBride gave a presentation on the astrology of California and how to activate the group’s astrological chart. Both were very enlightening. She taught us how spiritual focuses and crystals can be placed on our group and personal astrological chart for protection.

The first day of our event ended with an abbreviated Saint Germain service and the board meeting with the reverends over dinner. What a wonderful day!

Sunday was also a wonderful day. We started the day with Sunday Service led by Rev. Ana Maria Dean. The theme of the service was “The Heart and the Love of the Heart.” Her sermon on the heart was precious. Being present at Rev. Dean’s first Sunday service as an ordained minister was very special and dear to her long time friends.

Ana Maria at the lectern

After the service we had a group discussion lead by Rev. Drake. This gave everyone an opportunity to discuss and ask questions on topics that were dear to their heart. We discussed and asked questions about the teachings, such as protocol, outreach, how to attract new seekers and how to pass on the teachings without overwhelming new seekers and other subjects were also discussed. Our group discussion turned out to be very enlightening and helpful to everyone.

Sacramento study group discussion

After another lovely community luncheon we were treated to an inspirational song, “And Thy Radiance” sung a cappella by Robert McDaniel.

Robert McDaniel singing

The day and the weekend ended with two group pictures and private counseling with some of the attendees and the ministers. We were all sad to see the weekend end. As one of our members commented, “I did not want it to end!” And that is how we all felt.

Much love and gratitude goes to the beloved ascended masters, our Region One Ministers, everyone in the Sacramento study group and our friends from the San Francisco study group for making the weekend a memorable event!

Sacramento CA study group

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