Culture of the Divine Mother Retreat

By Sheena Connell and Region II West

A Thanksgiving feast came early this year for those of us at the retreat “Embrace the Culture of the Divine Mother” held at Seabeck, Washington, October 30 to November 1, 2015. Students of the ascended masters gathered from Canada, Washington and Oregon and were bathed in the rainbow of Mother Mary’s great love.

Seabeck WA seminar
Sharing the flowers of our hearts

Seabeck WA Divine Mother seminarThe aura of the Divine Mother was so beautifully woven around us during this retreat in her great heart. A beautiful multi-dimensional tapestry of light surrounded us all. Some of the tangible forms in this tapestry were: movie clips of the life of Mother Mary and Jesus’ initiations, dictations of the ascended masters on becoming the mother, group discussions, a skit on the tests of Adam and Eve, a candlelight processional to Mother Mary, personal study, decrees, songs, and creating artistic drawings representing the flowers in our hearts. The Divine Mother’s cup of love overflowed in the sacred chalice of this time together. Richard and Patricia Conant sang an original song written by Richard which carried the tone of the “new music of Aquarius..” More beautiful music is awaiting to be born as the culture of the Divine Mother emerges in our hearts and lives.

Mother Mary statue at Seabeck
Candlelight processional to Beloved Mother Mary

Rev Carla HealyBeing showered with wisdom’s ray, we became more aware of Mother Mary’s many incarnations as she trained for her triumphal and final incarnation. We experienced her vast, majestic, and intimate love for our soul’s victory. We felt her strength and the pain she had gone through to be the mother of our beloved Jesus and the way shower for each of us on the path of the mother giving birth to our own Christhood. The winds of the Holy Spirit caressed us as they flowed around us in so many forms of blessings. Rev. Carla Healy focused this time and we are deeply grateful for her labor of love to bring these many showers of Mother light to our souls!

Bathed in the Mother light, we returned home with the renewed resolve to be her heart, head, hands and feet in the world—instruments of her great love and compassion for those for whom we are so blessed to touch and hold the immaculate concept, as the veils of unreality continue to dissolve in us all. It is our hope that we may offer the holy wisdom, fire, and tender love of our beloved Mother, to those thirsty for this drink of sacred, refreshing water, as they walk the path of their soul’s victory.

The retreat was truly a feast of thanksgiving and light from our beloved Mother Mary uniting our grateful hearts for the victory and the fulfilling of our region’s mission: “We are a chalice loving-kindness, dedicated to freeing the Lightbearers through Selfless Service.” What a precious opportunity to learn how to better hold the immaculate concept for each other as our mission and vision continue to unfold.

Seabeck WA seminar participants

Highlights from those who attended:

  • The mysteries were explained of what exactly happened to Adam and Eve the Garden of Eden.
  • Mother Mary’s life as child, her previous incarnations, and the story of how Joseph was chosen for her husband.
  • Understanding the mysteries associated with Jesus’ birth.
  • We learned we can go to Mother Mary for solutions and the original blueprint of what is meant to happen in our Sanctuaries.
  • The teachings on Atlantis and Lemuria were fascinating and gave me a perspective of the strength and determination of the Mother that is awe inspiring!
  • I drew a beautiful rose to represent my own experience. When I look at it now, the fullness I felt then re-enters my heart, mind, and soul! Thank you so much. I am eternally grateful”
  • The presence of the light of angels was very tangible.
  • Profound teachings, wonderful experience of community, beauty and illumination.
  • Rev. Carla’s heart flame and love which is so much appreciated!
  • Loved the location, inspiration and renewal.
  • I understood the Mother aspect of the universe better than ever before. I also felt Mother Mary’s presence enter my being very strongly and felt my soul merging with hers as never before.

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