Understanding Yourself, Part 3 in Bozeman, Montana

By Lawrence Robin and Barbara Summers

On November 13-15, the Bozeman Community Teaching Center sponsored the popular Summit University seminar “Understanding Yourself, Part 3,” presented by Revs. Neroli and Peter Duffy.

Bozeman SU Autumn 2015

Some years ago, three masters from the East—Meru, Lanto, and Kuthumi—delivered a series of letters recorded by Mark Prophet on the psychology of the soul. These precious teachings were later published in a book entitled Understanding Yourself. In 1975, Mother gave a series of commentaries on these letters at Summit University under the direct inspiration of the masters who dictated the original releases. These commentaries were released this summer as Advanced Studies in Understanding Yourself, introduced by David Drye as “one of the most amazing books we’ve ever published.”

These profound lectures reveal the more esoteric meaning of the masters’ words as well as practical applications of their teachings to daily life. Included are such topics as the twenty-six traits of the human ego, the seat of all man’s problems; the dark night of the soul; why the Karmic Board came into being; sensitivity training, the purpose of life, and so much more. And finally an answer to, which came first, the chicken or the egg? And What about dinosaurs? Goblins? Why was a man struck dead for touching the Ark? Why we can’t give out criticism, condemnation and judgment and love at the same time, and why we should burn our underwear! And these topics just scratch the surface of what is revealed in the three Understanding Yourself Summit University seminars, which contain additional dictations such as Paul the Venetian, Jesus and Vairochana.

This weekend was a profound experience for twenty-eight attendees from Bozeman, Glastonbury, Livingston and the Ranch and the surrounding areas. In their words:

“Even in a short weekend, the alchemy of SU took place deeply and profoundly. The masters make us like jelly for even a few precious hours in order to align us and heal us….This seminar on Understanding Yourself was a holy experience. I am so grateful for the Summit University staff that put together this teaching of Mother and this wonderful book. I cannot wait to go out and put this wisdom into practice.” –Andrew Vann

“Everything was perfect, harmonious, joyous. The subject was very subtle and powerful. Understanding Yourself, Part 3 brought much light to some obscure beliefs and false concepts….It enabled me, along with the clearance, to forge a new game plan in healing my psychology….I was reminded what it was like attending 12 weeks with Mother and the masters….I think it is a well thought out, organized and executed body of work….By God’s grace I somehow was able to go deeper into my conscience and subconscious to root out longstanding negatives whose time had come. I do truly feel I am a new person in Christ, my beloved Holy Christ Self. I AM grateful….Did I leave all my extra baggage at SU? I certainly feel lighter! My mind is clearer. I am able to do more!” – Maria Low

“….Truly transforming and transcendent!”

So if you are ready to become jelly for the Masters — to explore the higher science of psychology and the path of true soul liberation (in ways we can all understand), pick up the new Advanced Studies in Understanding Yourself and look for an SU seminar near you. Read, study, and digest the Pearls in the original dictations. But avail yourself of this seminar if it comes to a city near you. It’s worth the trip and the time….

Many thanks to our wonderful presenters who held the balance for such profound change!

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