Understanding Ourselves in Chicago

By Rev. Lois Drake (and Justina Torres)

What better place is there to work with the ascended masters on understanding ourselves than in the heart chakra of the nation, Chicago? We all had the opportunity to enter our own hearts there with the ascended masters Kuthumi, Lord Lanto, and God Meru during the Summit University class, Understanding Yourself, held October 24-25 at the Teaching Center.

In this class, Mother teaches on recordings from Kuthumi’s dictations published in the classic Summit University Press book, Advanced Studies in Understanding Yourself. Justina and I were the instructors who helped lead discussions around insights students had from Mother’s profound explanations. Both long-time and newer students enthusiastically shared the nuggets they gleaned in the class including a deeper understanding of the soul, how to deal with emotions, the difference between anger and righteous indignation, and how to receive Kuthumi’s help no matter how difficult the problem.

When a person is working with deep psychological material, it is helpful to be in a loving and nurturing environment. The Chicago Teaching Center is made to order for this. Local members looked after every need, including serving amazing bountiful meals, providing seat cushions in the sanctuary, offering simultaneous translations in Spanish, and welcoming every person who came in the door. And, the elementals were also very gracious by providing perfect weather and extraordinary fall colors.

Don’t miss the next opportunity to join Summit University in Chicago for a life-changing experience with the masters as well as with old and new friends.

Chicago, Summit University class

Maybe you can find Rev. Lois Drake’s dad, Leroy Krauss, in the class photo. He came from California. Ana Soto came from Colorado.

Justina Torres facilitates

Mrs. Justina Torres facilitates a session.

Chicago students share during discussion

Students share some points during discussion.

Chicago registration table volunteers

Registration table volunteers are ready for action.

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