The Spiritual Director Goes to Washington DC

By Sister Elizabeth St. Clair

Aerial view of the Washington Monument

As everyone knows when you have an event at your teaching center or study group you do a lot of work to get ready for the event. It takes months of planning. The spiritual director’s assistant, Jacqueline Millman, worked with our Co-Presidents, William White and Susanne Villeneuve to set-up the visit. William and Susanne shared with our center the options that were available for Rev. David Drye’s visit. The vote was unanimous: Saturday’s Presentation would be “Discipleship: Five Steps of Initiation under the Living Word.” Rev. David Drye also agreed to lead our Saint Germain Service and to give Sunday service. After Sunday Service we planned a magnificent picnic at the home of the Villeneuve’s.

Many of you know that Washington, D.C. Community Teaching Center moved to a new location this year and we were still getting our center in order as David’s visit approached. There were several people who worked together to get the center in tip-top shape and to make sure that all of our pictures were framed and hung. Lafayette Williams and Robert Boone did an excellent job on the new pictures. Other community members involved were Rhonda Sabater, Christina Sarlo, William White, Susanne Villeneuve, Manuela Singleton, Martha Strickland and Frank Sarlo. The members of the teaching center thank them for their hard work and diligence.

Saturday’s presentation dawned early. We were all greeted warmly by David, and then we watched several video lectures on Discipleship by Elizabeth Clare Prophet. David led us in questions after each of the five sections. Elizabeth Clare Prophet said Discipleship is the pathway of our soul. We become the student as we study the teachings. We advance on the path to the chela desiring to bond with the master, our Guru. The third level of discipleship is pivotal on the 9/3 axis, the level of friend. What does a friend do for his friends? As we advance on the path of chelaship we can become the brother and have a profound relationship with the Guru. The fifth level of discipleship, Christ, is becoming the full incarnation of the word.

When we finish the lecture on Discipleship, David asked us if we wanted to listen to two more lectures from Elizabeth Clare Prophet? We all agreed and after lunch we listened to “On bonding to the Heart of the Guru” and “It is Possible to Fail.” All three lectures from Elizabeth Clare Prophet are very powerful teachings.

We are still in the 33 years of our initiation on our path to personal Christhood. Bonding to the heart of the Guru can help us on our path. Our Spiritual Director David came to Washington, D.C., at an important time right before the Fall Equinox to remind us to pass our initiations. That same week the Pope visited China and India. America is a land of violet fire and we are the fire. Revelations 17:10.

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