Outreach Report from Santo Domingo

Report on the 10 Keys to Finding a Higher Love
September 20th, 2015
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

By Deisy De los Santos

On September 20th, 2015 at a city hotel, the Santo Domingo Teaching Center presented the lecture named 10 Keys to Finding a Higher Love: A Spiritual Guide for Relationships based on the spiritual teachings of Guru Ma, Elizabeth Clare Prophet. The audience was comprised of 160 attendees, distributed as follows: 140 adults, 3 adolescents and 17 children. 93 attendees did not belong to the Teaching Center yet, and of those, 43 were attending an ICO conference for the first time. 50 members of our community attended. Furthermore, 4 community members that were not participating regularly in the Teaching Center assisted with the conference.

Santo Domingo 1

The lecture resulted in a great acceptance within the audience. Among their comments was the following: “I am amazed at so much effort you put together to help us better know ourselves.”

Santo Domingo 2

The preparation of the forcefield for protection and victory of this great event included two demagnetization rituals of Santo Domingo city and the rest of Dominican Republic, based on the Hercules’ Labors ritual through the cosmic clock. We include calls in each of the services we perform during the months of August and September. Posters and flyers were blessed during the service in honor of Shiva for the month of September.

We promoted our lecture event primarily through an online social media marketing campaign using our Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram. We also posted our print flyer in the main local newspaper.

As it has become a tradition since last year, we offered a children’s program based on the conference’s theme. We handed out a booklet to parents describing the activities performed with their children so that they can continue supporting this faith development initiative in their homes. We shared the story, “The baby quail and powerful flame.” A craft activity included in this program consisted of building a quail with construction paper.

Santo Domingo 3

The conference was facilitated by Deisy De los Santos. Our children’s program was facilitated by Clara Mock and assisted by Oonagh Mok. Following the conference, we shared a snack together. In all, 14 volunteers from our community collaborated to making this effort a living reality in which we continue the striving of expanding the teachings of the ascended masters in Dominican Republic. All the glory to God!

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