Philadelphia TC September Event

By Sara Lee Langsam

The entire community of the Philadelphia Community Teaching Center, with great anticipation and joy, welcomed the arrival of Reverend David Drye, Spiritual Director of Church Universal and Triumphant as he came to share with us the teachings of the ascended masters. On Friday, September 11 the presentation: “Building Community through Servant Leadership,” was held at Jeanes Library, from 2:30 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Philadelphia - David Drye teaching

This presentation was open to members only. Reverend Drye shared with us how our organization has evolved over the years and the importance of servant leadership as we seek to find and attract the called out ones, the 144,000. Because we are so blessed in receiving the teachings of the masters we must prepare ourselves to witness to the light. Reverend Drye told us that we are flourishing throughout the world.

The focus at present is to help every member achieve the victory. Each one of us must commit to becoming the Christ. To this end we work on the expansion of our heart and we serve life. What we decide to do individually, as a group determines what we look like to a new person. There is online leadership training through Summit University. Reverend Drye recommended a book for us to read, The Seven Pillars of Servant Leadership. Everyone present at the presentation felt the light and radiation of the masters and the teachings.

On Saturday, September 12 Reverend Drye presented the teaching on Discipleship: Five Steps of Initiation. This was held at Jeanes Library from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. This Summit University presentation was the fulcrum for the entire weekend. It was well attended and everyone felt the blessings of the richness of the teachings as we strive to put on the mantle of our Christhood. The five steps of initiation are:

1. Student
2. Chela
3. Friend
4. Brother
5. Christ

Rather than go into great detail here, I would encourage every study group and teaching center to invite Reverend Drye to their area to present this S.U. course. It is a landmark teaching.

On Sunday, September 13 Reverend Drye led the Sunday Service at Jeanes Library. We saw the video of Guru Ma presenting the lecture, “Out of the Heart Are the Issues of Life.” The service was well attended by members and new people alike, many of whom remained for the outreach event which followed. The lecture is published in the album The Mysteries of the Holy Grail. Following the lecture Reverend Drye gave the participants the Emerald Matrix Blessing.

Philadelphia - ring of fellowship

The final event on Sunday which followed the Sunday Service was an outreach for new people and inquirers. The theme was Ten Keys to Finding a Higher Love. This theme was delivered with a slide presentation. Some keys that participants took home were “The forgiving heart is a liberated heart” and “The difference between a saint and a sinner is effort.” This event was well attended and everyone appeared interested and involved. There were questions and comments at the end of the presentation. On hand for the participants were copies of the latest book, Finding a Higher Love: A Spiritual Guide to Love, Sex and Relationships.

The three day weekend was a mini-retreat and we are all grateful for the masters and hardworking staff at headquarters and the members of the Philadelphia Community Teaching Center for putting this all together so that the greater Philadelphia area could receive the light. All glory to God!

Philadelphia - Ben Franklin statue

On Monday Reverend Drye and a group of students visited several historical sites in Philadelphia including Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, the Bourse, The Franklin Institute, and Fels Planetarium. It was a wonderful sendoff for our Spiritual Director who experienced the love in “the city of the Brotherhood’s love.”

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  1. Dear Philadelphia Keepers,

    Congratulations on your wonderful mini-retreat! It sounds so motivating and fulfilling. Keep up the great work!

    Always victory,


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