A Meeting of Angels

Tegucigalpa, Honduras – August 29, 2015

By Carmen Bocanegra

This summer, during the conference of 2015, I met with my dearest friend Elisa Carrasco and talked about our lives during the past year and started to plan projects that we think could help the expansion of the Teachings in Honduras and in Central America. After seeing the beautiful edition of Talk with Angels published by Summit University Press we decided that it deserved a presentation in her bookstore “Casa Sol” during the month of August 2015.

casa sol - angel flyer

Elisa and her daughter, Rocio Alvarado, Casa Sol’s manager, received me upon my arrival at Toncontin Tegucigalpa International Airport. It was amazing to see in the sky how out of nowhere in the middle of lustrous green mountains emerges the small but rather prosperous city of Tegucigalpa. The Honduran philologist Alberto de Jesus Membreno, in his book “Indigenous Toponymies of Central America” determined that Tegucigalpa is a Nahuatl word (a group of language of the Uto-Aztecan language family) meaning “in the homes of the sharp stones.”

Tegucigalpa is located in the central region of Honduras at 3,250 ft with an approximate population rounding of 900,000 people.

In the midst of this thriving young urban city, we found Casa Sol an oasis for the young urban reader who is looking to expand his/her knowledge finding out the latest trend in art, cuisine, fashion, children books, business management, novels and spirituality. Location, location, location… Casa Sol is located few miles from the National Autonomous University of Honduras. Casa Sol provides a great array of Summit University Press books. Indeed, Elisa and her team had found the perfect way to expand the Teachings in the city of Tegucigalpa and its frontiers. You can find Librería Casa Sol on Facebook and you will be surprised to see how many followers Casa Sol has.

Casa Sol baked goods

The environment is soothing and relaxed. The constant noise of the coffee making machine and its delightful smell are inviting to sit down caressing the pages of a great book. The colorful chairs, the hand-made art deco tables with livelihood colors, flowers, the friendly faces and the nice ambiance has placed Casa Sol in one of the top places for families to visit during the weekends. Spending two afternoons at Casa Sol working on other projects, made me realize the effort that Casa Sol’s team is placing to keep the bookstore with a high standard of book selections and customer service, offering the readers a new alternative. The moment one foot is placed at Casa Sol, you know that you are in a different place, and indeed, you are, everything is orchestrated in the most attractive way, appealing to your sense of vision, hearing, smell and touch, a powerful combination. This is an oasis that takes you far away from the noise of traffic and elevates you to a different plane at the sound of Vivaldi’s violin or Mozart’s piano sonatas.

Casa Sol - Shakespeare

On August 29, 2015, Casa Sol received a nice group of people who read together pages of Talk with Angels. Some of them were absolutely new to the Teachings and some were already very familiar with the Teachings. As we read some of the pages of this exquisite book, a lot of question came about. People needed to know and understand what this is all about. The Chart of the Presence was explained and the topic of karma and reincarnation was also revisited.

A very young lady, who looked like an angel herself, met with me during the break to ask me more about the book. She was about to depart to Europe to further her education. She wanted to carry this book with her to make the decrees and calls to the angels so she would be protected far away from home, she was very happy that she was able to attend this event with her mother. She found out about the event few hours earlier via Facebook.

Also, a journalist approached us and told us that she felt that there are a lot people in Honduras and the world that need the Teachings. This is a statement that we constantly hear when we do expansion.

Elisa and her team live in a place called “Angels Valley,” this is Casa Sol’s Headquarters with a beautiful large statute of Mother Mary in its beautiful garden. Indeed, this is a valley where angels roam and work. This is a valley dedicated to angels who serve holding the balance not only for one country but for all of the neighboring countries that are afflicted by the usual social problems due to the lack of a Christed leadership.

The experience visiting Casa Sol and “Angels Valley” was motivating, decreeing was also offered at Casa Sol headquarters during my stay over there. Later on, we heard on positive changes in one of the nearby government that will affect the Central America region in a positive outcome. We are not surprised because the Light of God never fails!

The conclusion is that there are thousands of peoples waiting for the Teachings, people in the world are waiting, the torch is passed. This trip was possible thanks to the sponsorship of Casa Sol, eternal thanks and congratulations to the Casa Sol Team for its outstanding effort in carrying the Teachings of the Ascended Masters in Central America.

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  1. Heartfelt congratulations and gratitude to Ms. Bocanegra and Ms. Carrasco as well as the Casa Sol owners and staff! What a wonderful job you are doing!

    May God grant you limitless blessings of victory,


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