What a Wonderful SU in London

August 14-16, 2015

By Rev. Neroli Duffy

Last week Rev. Peter Duffy and I were thrilled to be back in jolly old England again to present Understanding Yourself, Part 3. This Summit University was another step up in vibration for London and the English chelas. It was located at a very good venue at the University of Kent in Canterbury about an hour from London. The campus was quiet while the students were on break so we could rent student housing and conduct Summit University at the Darwin College on campus. Canterbury Cathedral, about 15 minutes’ drive from the campus, in the picturesque town of Canterbury was the scene of the martyrdom of St. Thomas Becket, an embodiment of our dear ascended master El Morya, so his presence was felt and remembered throughout the Summit University session.

SU London - 2015

Two days before SU started the Duffys sent out an urgent message for prayer support as torrential rain and flash flooding were predicted for the three days of Summit University. The day before SU started, the team and the arriving attendees indeed experienced torrents of rain and three inches of flooding but by the grace of God, it resolved quickly and the visit to the Cathedral was able to take place and it proved to be a highlight of the visit. Our bus driver told us that he had not seen such pouring rain in many a year and they had received within an hour more rain than they had received in a three month period. Fortunately the SU began the following day uneventfully and continued with very nice weather—a witness to the power of prayer.

The three day Summit University session provided the vehicle for profound experiences with our Mother of the Flame and the Ascended Masters especially beloved Kuthumi, the ascended master psychologist — all projected on two large full length screens. Lively and productive discussions ensued as 41 people from all over the United Kingdom, Europe and the USA attended.

SU London - 2015 discussion

SU London - 2015 discussion

Everyone loved the experience and a couple of brand new folks attended. It was a great joy to see people connect from all countries — lots of Brits including Jean Grace from Wales and Richard Bellamy, two dear ladies from Denmark, seven or eight from Holland, Irmgaarde Van Der Weele from Switzerland, Pamela Arnold from the Inner Retreat, Ghislain from France, Ingrid from Belgium, Nicoletta from Romania, Martin Brandner from Austria, Lois Richards from Trinidad, Ruby Rodney from South Carolina and many others.

SU London - 2015 discussion

We all seemed to get our deep questions answered and had a wonderful respite and recreation in the arms of the masters. Having the messenger’s newly released book Advanced Studies in Understanding Yourself was a tremendous boost for this Summit University [UYS Part 3]. To be able to read along with Guru Ma meant we took this teaching in at a whole new level. In addition we had some wonderful decree services on Friday and Saturday nights and a great final clearance as well as a lovely ceremony for Oladipo Ogunseitung (Femi) from London and Nigeria, who become a lay brother, and two baptisms. It was a joy to see everyone networking and connecting heart-to-heart.

SU London - 2015 discussion

Kudos and gratitude to regional minister and co-presenter Rev. Christine Johnston and the Board of the London Teaching Center [Ken, Audrey, Rose, Patricia and Femi] with great support from Patricia Hope and her daughter Clair Battersby. Thanks also to Teaching Assistants Piet Van Straaten and Joyce Carels and the team from the Netherlands who all pitched in to make it happen. Praise God for the team effort to produce a victory.

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