I Hope You Know What To Do!

By Mary Bentz, Soul Choice International

baby closeup

Soul Choice International is a not-for-profit educational organization. Our unique mission is to educate humanity about the individual soul’s right to life in order to fulfill its divine plan.

We have four websites, two in English, http://soulchoice.org/ and http://teenage-pregnancy.org/ and two in Spanish, http://teenage-pregnancy.org/espanol/index.html and http://soulchoice.org/espanol/index.html. Our downloadable materials include double-sided brochures that are available in color or black and white and in 6 languages: English, French, Hindi, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

Our fliers and three posters (newest one is shown above) are also available as downloads in English and Spanish, and our three videos are available on YouTube in English and Spanish.

Also, our free eBook, Abortion in the 21st Century: Past Lives and Soul Mates is available in English and Spanish.

Many Keepers of the Flame around the world have been using our materials in the defense of life in their hometowns for over a decade. They have printed out the eBook and made it available for members of their teaching centers and study groups and for new people and have printed out “master” copies of the brochures, fliers and posters and taken them to Kinko’s for their pro-life work and for the education of their members of all ages. Quite a few groups visit our Facebook page and “like” a variety of the posts, which helps spread the word.

Please take a few minutes to visit our sites and download some of the materials, read the eBook or watch our short videos. Many people have said that the eBook has made it easier for them to understand abortion, reincarnation and the soul and enabled them to explain it better to family and friends. The posters have been a big hit worldwide, especially with youth, and are quite nice to post in public places such as bulletin boards in libraries, college campuses, community centers, co-ops and teaching centers and study groups.

God bless everyone in their efforts to defend life—through prayers, front-line sidewalk demonstrations and marches, pro-life college groups, speeches, letters to the editor, articles, working at pro-life pregnancy centers, sharing information with family and friends in person or via blogs, etc.—all ways in which Keepers of the Flame around the world are making a difference!

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