Not Part of the Script!

By Timothy Falk

This is the story of the first time that I met Elizabeth Claire Prophet in this embodiment.

It was during the middle of the 1980s, maybe 1986 or 1987. I had been in the teachings a short time.

At the time, Mother and some of her staff were on a lecture stump throughout America. On this particular day, she was to be in Detroit to give a lecture and dictation in the evening at a large local hotel. However, during the day, she would be going to the Detroit teaching center to sign books for local Keepers of the Flame. I had been assigned to stay at the center, keep it open, and make sure to keep a parking space available until she arrived, maybe from the airport, maybe from a hotel she was staying at. I had never met or spoken to Mother before, so I was a little nervous.

I kept my eyes open, though, as I waited for her to roll up in a limousine, or maybe in a large Suburban-type SUV, maybe with a couple of young men in suits and sunglasses acting as bodyguards, along with other helpers and personal assistants. When a small foreign car driven by a middle-aged local Keepers of the Flame pulled up, I wondered what she was doing there, and then I saw Mother hop out of the car, with no escorts or guards other than the local Keepers of the Flame. “Not part of the script, not part of the script!” my mind yelled at me as she walked towards me and the center’s entrance, of which I was standing in front of.

As Mother approached, she said to me in a friendly, cheery manner, “Hi, how are you doing?” Again my mind raced on, “Not part of the script, not part of the script! She’s supposed to say something cosmic, like ‘I bless you with the light of a thousand Buddhas’ or ‘your divine destiny is such and such.’ So I stood there with my mouth open, kind of in a daze, and before I could answer back, (I was thinking of something highly spiritual to say. I could have said ‘Fine, how are you doing?’ but that blatantly obvious thought somehow eluded me”) she was past me and in the building. As I stood there feeling kind of foolish, I thought to myself, ‘she’s kind of like a regular person’.

All my love to you, Guru Ma!

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