A Spiritual Path for Children

By Rosalinda Siciliano

I want to witness to the beautiful, positive ways that Mother Mary’s Way can inspire children of all ages. During this past year, the Phoenix Community Teaching Center opened a Children’s Chapel. Our whole community has been re-energized through inviting children. The children are so eager to come to the chapel. This is a small beginning to attracting new parents and a sacred outreach.

Mother Mary’s Way is a Montessori approach to spiritual education using a prepared environment with hands-on lessons and activities that take children beyond the level of the intellect into deep concentration and communion with Jesus, the angels, and their Holy Christ Selves.

Dr. Maria Montessori reminds us that children are not empty vessels. They are born with ideas and inspiration and ability to make attunement with their own spirituality. It is so refreshing to hear their questions and pray with them. The chapel allows the children to have purposeful movement and learn about Jesus life, and then expand to the Ascended Masters’ teachings. I learn from the children and the exquisite visual aids we use, nurture my own creative imaging.

Initially, we asked our board members to support this project. Setting up a specially prepared environment in a dedicated space is the first step along with receiving training. The posted videos on the Mary’s Way website and the teacher manuals are very helpful. A few of our members have begun to take the training offered in the summer in Bozeman. Having Montessori teacher training is very helpful too. It takes patience and time to develop the program and present grace and courtesy lessons to the children so they learn what is respectful. Building a loving relationship with the children is vital.

Mother Mary's Way Inner Temple

We now envision acquiring more materials including the Temple of Jerusalem. The temple offers a vivid picture of history that lends itself to stories of Jesus’ life. Sharing history is a missing link that brings so many points of interest to our children. We are grateful to the Sponsors of Youth, Dr. Montessori and the work of the volunteer staff. For more info, contact www.MotherMarysWay.org, care of Linda Mason.

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