International Book Fair of Bogota 2015

By Natalia Zabala
Director of Summit University Press Español

Feria Internacional del Libro de Bogotá 2015

Natalia at International Book Fair of Bogotá, ColombiaSummit University Press Español was present at the International Book Fair of Bogotá, Colombia, held from April 27 until April 29, 2015.

The International Book Fair of Bogotá started in 1987, for the purpose of promoting a professional fair that would allow the creation of a massive campaign for the advancement of reading through a cultural programming of national as well as international interest. We were also looking into a well organized exhibit with quality of editorial funds national as well as international.

This book fair is one of the cultural events of most meaningful and traditional representation in Colombia. Furthermore, it enjoys international recognition consolidated as one of the high level and important events in Latin America.

2015 International Book Fair of Bogotá, Colombia

This year there were approximately 400 different exhibits both national and international, and there were more than 450,000 visitors, including ourselves.

My three days at the fair were a great success. I conducted 15 different meetings with important publishers and national distributors.

One of the most important outcomes was the verbal proposals with trusted distributors in order to initiate the distribution of Summit University Press Español publications in Colombia. This has given us a great joy and immense gratitude. Now we are proceeding to analyze the proposals and make a decision for the best agreement for the mission in the Colombian territory.

2015 International Book Fair of Bogotá, Colombia

We welcome the support of constant prayer for the victory of these verbal agreements, in order for them to manifest in the physical through an agreement with a suitable distributor, the appropriate quantity of books, and decisions about the book titles that will be distributed. We need as well the adequate protection for the deliveries in order for the Ascended Masters’ teachings to be accessible in Colombia; which is the strategic place in the Continent for the distribution of these publications, and in preparation for the coming of the Seventh Root Race.

2015 International Book Fair of Bogotá, Colombia

Thank you very much for your support for the victory of Summit University Press Español!!

2015 International Book Fair of Bogotá, Colombia

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