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Announcing a New Birth

By Sheena Connell and the PRO Leadership Team

Joyful news – PRO (Project Reach Out – a group of volunteers that have been contacting new TSL inquirers since 2002), has created a new website! As many have experienced, there is nothing quite as wonderful as working with the Masters to help fulfill one of their projects on earth. The love and inspiration and energy of the Masters and Angels provided a wonderful charge of energy to bring this website into manifestation.

PRO Golden Pathway website

As thoughts came to those on the PRO Team, we quickly wrote them down, and could feel the winds of the spirit flowing in such a tangible way to encourage us, and give us the stamina to do the work required to birth this site for our beloved El Morya and sponsoring masters of PRO, Beloved Lanello, Beloved Mother Mary and Beloved Jesus. Our worlds were quite filled to overflowing with work to do, in addition to our normal jobs. We were abundantly blessed and overshadowed throughout this time, and helped to find the time, energy, and resources to move forward.

Its creation felt quite like a series of miracles, and unfolded in a manner that is typical of projects the Masters are pouring their love into. We were grateful to be the vessels for some of this work, and were delighted to experience the synchronicity and victories that manifested in the website’s creation. How did it happen?


When PRO re-instated the telephone seminars, we needed a place to archive the recordings and hand-outs and the idea of a website was born. We knew that the Masters would know the name it should be called, so we prayed, and received its name, The Golden Pathway. Then we needed to find someone who understood how to make websites and with whom we could work well and afford (being volunteers without a budget or funds for expenses).

To our delight and amazement, Linda Crúce-Robin volunteered her time and expertise. Not only did she get us up and running, adding artistic touches and information for articles, she also tied the name into the nautilus and all that means for spiritual development. Linda then decided to join PRO and continue as our webmaster.

When getting approval from headquarters, we were asked the purpose of the website. Because we are the grateful hands and feet of the Masters, we prayed again and realized that the highest purpose for this website would be that it function as a bridge between new inquirers and their next step on the path towards the Teachings of the Ascended Masters. These have been the miracles for which we are so deeply grateful!

What you will experience on the Golden Pathway website:

  • Twelve Gates Into the City
  • The mystery of the Golden Pathway
  • Chakras – The Energy Centers
  • Masters and their Keynotes
  • Teachings of the Ascended Masters® brought forth through Elizabeth Clare and Mark L. Prophet and their predecessors
  • Videos of the science of the spoken word – called decrees– demonstrating how to practice this scientific, life-changing art
  • Telephone seminars on topics of the day, archived for replay
  • A brother or sister on the path who will pray for you or correspond with you
  • Testimonials from those whose lives have been transformed by using these teachings
  • Pictures, recordings and links to other sites with information to complement that which you see here.

For those who are blessed to work with the Masters in service, the joy and light they release is a rich gift sent from heaven. We are eternally grateful to have been able to play a part on this beloved team in concert with our beloved heavenly family, whose love defies description!

Please take a look at the site when you have time. Send new inquirers there to explore the Teachings. is a “work in progress” and continues to evolve and change. Responses from those who have clicked on the site have been enthusiastic and quite delightful. We hope you will enjoy it and feel its blessings.

Hallelujah– A new babe is born! Praises be to our beloved Masters and Angels for their showers of love and assistance!

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