Our Wedding in the Church

By Imma Binnie

In early 1991, I had a strong feeling that I would be married before the end of the year. I was nearly 30 years old, so this came as a pleasant surprise. I imagined a very small wedding with only a few guests because several Ascended Masters would be present and I felt it would be an intimate and high experience.

The reality was that I had no idea to whom I would be married. I had a boyfriend, but the relationship was cooling off, and a third person came into play. The situation became very confusing and painful for everyone involved. I kept Mother abreast with what was going on and I could see her shaking her head every time she opened my letter and it was well deserved! In the fall I finally got word from Mother through her secretary, about who I was supposed to marry (my twin flame). A wedding was planned for December 21. We rented a community hall and had a nice wedding with community and friends.

We went a few days early to the New Year’s conference in order to have a proper Church wedding, with Rev. Marilyn Barrick as minister. My husband, I and a few friends hiked, swam at Chico Hot Springs and nearly arrived too late at our own wedding. I barely had time to do my (wet) hair. We were at the Kuan Yin Chapel, with hardly any audience and I thought it would be a short ceremony. I had never attended a Church wedding before, so I did not take it very seriously.

To my big surprise it lasted pretty long and the energies felt very high. At some point, after the kneeling down, I remember my husband and I with the maid of honor and the best man stood in half a circle around the altar, with Rev. Barrick in front of the altar. Suddenly I saw the back wall disappear, and in the other half of the circle, in the Light, were Masters present, watching us. I know that El Morya and Serapis Bey were there. Suddenly my eyes were full of tears. There were more Masters, but I felt so guilty for having messed up the dating so much, and cried so hard, that I could not even see them. At that time I wanted to disappear, instead of rejoice at the presence of the honored wedding guests.

Later I realized that the vision I had at the beginning of the year played itself out and that on inner levels, I knew what was going to happen all along. That was nearly 25 years ago and thanks to the path of initiation and the Masters, I have matured a lot and I can look back at that experience with a smile and a wink to El Morya.

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