Three Strategies for Being More Positive

By Robin Bourke

Here are three strategies for being more positive: expect the best, keep healthy and look through rose coloured glasses, and positive outcomes by prayer.

Be Positive

Robin BourkeThis is a line from an old tune, “You’ve got to accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative, Latch onto the affirmative but don’t mess with Mister In-Between”

Expect the Best

Take time to imagine the best outcome for a meeting, or a car/plane trip, problems can dissolve and a schedule go as planned. Another example is when I had serious health conditions. I studied pictures of the human body so I knew what was the closest example of a healthy organ or bone.

Keep Healthy

Keep healthy and look through rose coloured glasses – Smell taste and feel the roses and nature. Get vitamin D direct from the sun’s light. The right left movement of walking brings mind body balance. Use the senses to positively impact emotions, mind and spirit.

See if people can find “rose coloured glasses” and reframe events.

What stories do people have to tell? Listen with care and kindness. Why not put the disappointing, aggravating character traits on the back shelf? Everyone has different areas of strength and weakness. Focus on something you truly appreciate in a friend or community member.


Prayer could be for a property sale or employment, dissolving war, fixing the economy, or for lowering crime and injustice. Each heart-felt consideration needs a divine solution. Prayer offers unexpected ideas and ways to address these serious issues and get satisfying timely and positive results.

How can I bring joy to everyone I meet? Move yourself and others forward with grace and poise by popping on your version of “rose coloured” glasses.

So, go ahead see what happens — find the good in every situation!

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