Make a Joyful Noise unto the Lord

The Science of the Spoken Word

By Janis Wong

Science of the Spoken Word

Students of the ascended masters around the world practice the Science of the Spoken Word™ through their decrees—making a “joyful noise until the LORD.”

Elizabeth Clare Prophet has said, “Out of this science and out of the Word are all of the secrets of alchemy, the wonders of precipitation and levitation, fathoming the very depths of healing and unveiling the soul itself.”

The Science of the Spoken Word is not only a science but an art which takes practice to develop mastery in. Summit University’s “Science of the Spoken Word” online course is designed to do just that—to help students fully understand this science and become masters of invocation. As such they follow in the footsteps of Mark and Elizabeth Prophet, both of whom were masters of invocation in past ages and in their final incarnations.

Through the teachings, books and audio/video excerpts presented in this online course, students can learn to conduct powerful decree sessions and greatly enhance their daily rituals of devotions and decrees.

Alma Angelica Hernandez Ruiz is a student in SU’s Leadership Studies Certificate program who took this course in Spring Semester 2015. She shares how the course changed her perspective of the use of Science of the Spoken Word in leading decrees.

I think the biggest realization for me for me, as a result of taking this course, has been to never take for granted how much self-mastery, striving and self-awareness is needed to appropriately approach The Science of the Spoken Word!

It is truly mind-boggling, to know how much excellence, and striving for excellence, and awareness, is needed indeed to improve oneself in the art and science of leading decrees. That, and the holiness inherent in this office of decree leader (even in one’s home) as a conductor of light, and as a priest or priestess of sacred fire…it has been a truly humbling experience, and an awful responsibility, in the truest sense of the word “awful,”, i.e., awe-inspiring.

I believe that personally, my greatest take-home message has been how much more often, and how much closely, I have to watch myself, periodically, to make sure that I am not falling into a rote performance, or not applying the mind and heart discipline necessary to do an acceptable job as decree leader.

Sometimes I feel that I want to take this course all over again, and I am sure I would definitely profit from that! In any event, it has been a blessing to have all these teachings available, many directly from Mother, and I am grateful to SU Online for making sure we have access to them!

To learn more about “The Science of the Spoken Word” and other online courses and programs offered by Summit University, see the School of Theology tab on the SU website. To take the course for credit or audit, apply by July 13 for the Fall Semester, which begins August 18.

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