Colombia, South America Stump

By Linda and Robert Worobec

My husband Robert and I recently returned from a 2½ week stump in Colombia, South America. This was our third trip to Colombia and it was a joy to see many old friends and faithful chelas who have been keeping the flame of freedom for so many years. We were given a great opportunity to do some work for the Brotherhood and I relate that work directly to what all of us do every week at our Saint Germain services.

Worobecs Colombia 2015 stump

And, of course, our beloved Mother went to South America in 1996 and stayed for 36 days, transforming the entire continent. So we had the most tangible blessing of seeing the fruit of her stump: her chelas in the established centers in Colombia as well as the other countries of South America.

The quality of mercy is so evident in the loving hearts of the people. One noticeable action is that everyone kisses everyone on the cheek when you enter and exit a room. So you have to plan for an extra five to ten minutes of leave-taking when you want to make another appointment on time, because there is a whole lot of kissing going on!

We were asked to come to Colombia to give “The Power of Music” workshop which is the masters’ and Mother’s teaching on music as the Trinity of life, which includes rhythm and specifically, an exposé on rock music and the syncopated beat. So we knew that it was going to be a hard lecture to give because rock music is the pervading music of the mass consciousness. The rock beat has changed civilization and is the greatest addiction on the planet. It is so addictive that one doesn’t even know it is an addiction.

However, we discovered that the secret ray action of this stump was the masters having us come face-to-face with forces of anti-freedom and World Communism. Dealing with socialism and communism was a common theme. Like many South American countries, Colombia has had power struggles, especially with the drug cartel leaders and the politicians. We were aware of these forces, but it never really hit home as strongly as when we had tangible proof of this energy veil.

Worobecs Colombia stump - 2015

In Cartagena, we met with one member who used to be a communist and hated America. She was so convinced that communism was the way to deal with life’s inequalities that she actually went to Cuba and was planning to stay there.

To her great surprise she looked around and saw that the people were unhappy, fearful, struggling to stay alive in many cases and the country was in shambles. She returned to Colombia discontented. Two weeks later she found the teachings of the ascended masters. She is now a fiery freedom-fighter, giving many hours of calls at her teaching center to liberate Colombia from the tyranny of socialism and communism. She loves Saint Germain and the country he sponsored, America. She is a witness to the power and mercy of the freedom flame.

Also in Cartagena, we visited a free elementary school established by a new Keeper in the city’s slums. The tiny house held three classrooms for children 6 – 12, and so many children attend they must conduct separate morning and afternoon sessions.

The Keeper of the Flame sponsor has introduced our Mother Mary Child’s Rosary in Spanish to the children and staff, and everyone gives it in a large group session every day. After singing to the students, we joined them for the Rosary. This is the Rosary as you’ve never heard it before! After the faculty reads the Bible verse, the children give the “Hail Mary’s” as powerful fiats that shake the rafters. It was a very moving experience, and the director said the violet flame action of the Rosary was transforming the children and faculty’s lives.

When we were in the midst of question and answer sessions in some of the cities, we noticed that there was, at times, a fear of Jesus’ judgment call, 20.07, a vague superstition that somehow it wasn’t merciful to give the judgment call on the forces of evil. They were happy to receive Mother’s teaching that the judgment call is the great liberator of our souls. It judges the unreal part of ourselves and the world, the energy veil, and allows the mercy of the violet flame to come in and do the beautiful clean-up work that makes you feel happy and joyous because your karma has been judged and transmuted.

On our final day in Bogota, the Keepers and board members invited us to a performance of the opera, Rigoletto by Verdi, in a beautiful new theater. When we arrived, the theater was surrounded by machine gun-toting soldiers and we passed through two full security checkpoints. Before the opera began, the left-leaning, pro-Communist President of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos, appeared before us onstage to give a speech honoring the opera house. He was there with many members of Congress and ministers of culture, army officials, etc.

We were all provided with a perfect opportunity by the masters to give quiet judgment calls on the energy of socialism/communism during the president’s talk and we continued while he found his place directly beneath our balcony seats. No mistake about that. How often does one have the opportunity to be so close and observe the president of a country and be in his aura for more than three hours? We definitely felt the masters setting this up for all of us to be there and do this work.

The opera is about a curse, revenge and the sacrifice of a Christ-like figure for a fallen one. It seemed very appropriate in many ways for Bogota, the capital city of Colombia and the throat chakra of the nation to sponsor this opera and for the Keepers of the Flame to be directly in the president’s forcefield.

In Medellin, a Keeper took us to a beautiful lake district outside of the city where we toured the area on a small boat. Many large homes dotted the shoreline, and the driver told us this was the notorious private district where the former drug lord Pablo Escobar lived with his henchmen and their families. The hills were honeycombed with tunnels to evade the government raids and we saw many homes, basically fortified concrete bunkers, as we motored by. Again, we spent the boat ride giving judgment calls on the energies and visuals before our eyes. Another set-up by the masters. You never know how or when the masters will position you in places around a city.

Another interaction with the pervasive philosophy of communism occurred. A lovely Keeper decided to give a witness to the community in Bogota while we were there.

Five years ago when we first came to Medellin, the first event was a free public lecture on Mother’s teaching on The Economic Philosophy of Jesus Christ. This complete lecture, 2½ hours long, contains a most profound teaching on the Guru-chela relationship, the parable of the ten talents and the spiritual basis for the free enterprise system and economic freedom.

During the lecture, this lady kept saying to herself, “No, no. Don’t say that! No, you’re wrong! Stop it!” She wanted to put her hands over her ears to stop the message. You see, she was a communist and by her upbringing and education, she was in severe pain just hearing Mother’s teachings.

But a miracle happened. Jesus’ explanation of true soul freedom through the messenger’s teaching converted her on the spot and she said she was no longer a communist after that night. So the great blessing we have in the ascended masters, the living masters who are the gurus of the age, is that they accelerate our consciousness. They make the direct tie to our hearts, bypassing our karma and our misqualified energy. This can happen by reading a book, hearing a lecture or even seeing a focus of the masters. This lady had a conversion by the Holy Spirit, the power of truth and the mercy of Jesus.

Later she brought her teenage son to the Medellin TC and he is now a member of the Knights and Ladies of the Flame Fraternity. He has the most beautiful smile I have ever seen!

Let us all reinforce our vow to give the calls to end World Communism on Saturday night. Imagine yourself in another country that struggles with socialism. Well, you may not have to imagine this because we are dealing with the effects of socialism right here in America. However, we are the hands and feet of Kuan Yin and El Morya. Let us invoke the violet flame for mercy and the blue decrees for power and see how they go hand in hand to change our world.

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  1. Amazing. Children giving the Hail Mary as powerful fiat in the city’s slums is very touchy, I had tears in my eyes.

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