A Victory

By Betsy and Paul Hoppe

Betsy and Paul in Assisi
Betsy and Paul in Assisi

Two years ago my husband experienced a victory in his life. Off and on for many years he had battled an alcohol problem, and so it was that there was this cloud over his heart and over our marriage. The situation was always a part of my prayers, but now I felt it surely was time to really challenge these demons.

As I prepared to make the trip west to attend the Freedom Class in Montana, I shared this thought with him, that it was time to really challenge those demons of alcohol. He listened, and he was in agreement.

So, I attended the conference. I wrote my Karmic Board Letter. I had mentioned this burden in other letters to the Karmic Board, but this time I wrote about it knowing that the time had come for action. I ended my missive with the words, “SOMETHING MUST BE DONE ABOUT PAUL’S ALCOHOL PROBLEM! (Hand-written large letters followed by a very large exclamation point!) On July Fourth the letters were consecrated and burned.

Meanwhile, in Minnesota my husband spent the Fourth of July alone at our home. He went downstairs to the pantry to get some food item and there his eye caught site of a bottle of homemade raspberry wine. It had been a gift to him many months before, but had been set aside and forgotten. He took it and drank it. Then, remembering that he had been invited to join a nephew and friends up north for a holiday fishing outing, he got into the car and began the 4 1/2 hour drive to their cabin. The hour was late, he was inebriated and tired. He traveled for several hours in the night then pulled off the road into a ditch and went to sleep. About 4:00 am (July 5th) a deputy of that county came upon him, arrested him and took him to the county jail.

My husband told me later that he sensed that all that was happening to him was for a reason, and he actually thanked the arresting officer. It was a turning point. When I returned home from Montana I found my husband in a new spirit and determined to address this problem, and so he has. We give all glory to God! We are grateful to our friends in heaven, the Ascended Masters, who offer to us their graces and intercessions.

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