Casa Sol, a Bookstore in Honduras

by Elisa Carrasco

Casa Sol, a bookstore in Honduras, Central America, is a dream come true, not only for our family but for our Beloved Ascended Masters. I will tell you why.

Casa Sol bookstore

It is a bookstore for lightbearers, described by many as a cozy, welcoming refuge, a relaxation place, different, with a serene atmosphere in the mist of a city but still lively and entertaining, harmonious and joyful. Not only a business place but specially one to help customers feel at home with an appropriate environment with elegant wood custom made bookshelves, with inviting chairs to read, enhanced with fresh flowers, scented candles, classical music, with a sweet special section for children with their own playhouse and little furniture where they can play teatime. The children’s teatime which moved us to add a warm teashop for adults!

A unique experience is offered to the people that come into this bookstore through different book sections that are constantly checked to help the person, the child or the soul grow in many aspects, with a clear vision of where we are and where we are heading.

Casa Sol bookstore - interior

How the inspiration for such a bookstore came to us? Many years ago my family and I started to attend the Summer Conferences at the Royal Teton Ranch, marvelous experience, which we thought was only in one direction, but as we got to know the Teachings we understood that our Beloved Ascended Masters work in multiple directions at the same time. book reading areaAs we went to the Conferences, after King Arthur’s Court, the bookstore used to be our meeting point, so inspiring each year, with new releases of the treasured Teachings, relaxing music, beautiful statues, but specially the heart of all that attend, with Anneli taking care of everything and everyone.

My daughters and I have always had such nice engaging experiences with other lightbearers at the bookstore so every time we returned to Honduras we missed everything from the Inner Retreat. Suddenly an idea came into my mind, “What if we dare to start a bookstore with a heartfelt environment in Honduras?” My five daughters and my husband were enthusiastic about the idea even though we knew nothing about how to run a business. Four of us in the family are medical doctors, two work in foreign affairs and only one in marketing. So I started a treasure map for the project, making a scrapbook about the furniture, selecting colors and asking for the necessary abundance according to God’s Holy Will to start our special family project.

un libro para cada quien

Soon an empty space was found at a shopping center where Casa Sol started. In three months we moved to a house-like space at the same shopping center, where all of our creativity started to flourish. I could see that the energy of God was working through each one of us to move this project forward. Sofia, Elisa Cristina and my husband Carlos, who loves to read, selected the first order of books. Lilian Maria chose all the titles for the section on Self Improvement. Our daughter Diana creatively contributed with all the writing to be used at Casa Sol, like the special phrase “A Book For Each One.” Rocio gave a major contribution with all the creative techniques to advertise every single spot and detail of the bookstore since we did not have financial support to pay for advertising. I enjoyed selecting the spiritual books from the Teachings of the Ascended Masters and decorating this treasured place.

Casa Sol childrens areaIn truth Casa Sol is the Master’s and our own dream come true, it is a continuity of our home, where we all love to serve, providing information about the books we have, tell stories to children, a bookstore for lightbearers, for all those who seek the Teachings to go on with their lives and find resolution and transmutation.

The angels are with us all the time, I can assure this because people are constantly saying that there is something different at Casa Sol, they can’t tell if it is the smell, the colors, the music, the furniture or simply the books. Each one serving at Casa Sol also feels quite different from other jobs, with many positive stories to tell and at the same time with many personal tests to face.

Not long ago I was with a group of about 8 children, they all gathered around me giving opinion about the story they were listening, about princesses and princes. children story timeI asked them what was the key for sleeping beauty to wake up and one little girl of 4 years old with sparkling eyes said “The Kiss of LOVE”… all the other girls closed their eyes, laughed and put their hands over their mouths, it was a beautiful moment! At the same time, even parents play teatime with their kids and start to read stories to them.

The other day a lady came to me and asked if she could bring her spiritual Catholic group so that I could read them a story about Padre Pio or Mother Theresa to them! This past weekend there was a photo session for a couple who met for the first time at Casa Sol a year ago and now they are getting married, they included Casa Sol in their Marriage agenda. In the next weeks we will have the signing of the book of the military colonel who conducted the defense of the country in 2009, when the 21st Century Socialists wanted to take over the country.

happily ever after

Casa Sol bookstore - interiorIt all has been a marvelous multiple experience of team and family work, where we enjoy, help each other, and solve many situations. We are sure that if we had not had the continuous protection and care of our Beloved Ascended Masters this would not be possible. The first thing to do in the morning is always to turn on Mother Mary’s Rosary in the back of the bookstore.

People from all over Honduras ask us to send them books, and even people from Costa Rica or Haiti ask us where in their country could they find us. Casa Sol is a cradle to share what the Ascended Masters want with each one. Still there is much to do but we are willing to serve our Masters as best as we can and we are specially and profoundly grateful for this great opportunity to serve, to grow and help others find their way to our Ascended Masters.


bookstore countertop

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Casa Sol - reading bench

Casa Sol - time for tea

Casa Sol - happy child

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