Getting Baptized

By Joanne Soraya

Now I never figured this one out. Although I had been in the teachings since 1976, I had never happened to be around when baptism was being offered. However, in 1985, at the last Camelot conference I was there and decided to get baptized.

Jesus statue at Camelot
Jesus statue at Camelot
It was a very hot day and the Chapel was very stuffy. A good many babies were being baptized, including some of the Prophet grandchildren. Lanello was baptizing them. Babies were crying loudly and Mother asked for the youngest babies to be brought to the alter first, but all the mothers were in a hurry to get their babies baptized and out of there. Finally Mother said, “I know there are younger babies here. I can hear newborns crying.” Then she sighed and added, “And after the youngest have been baptized, then you may bring the loudest.”

When the time came for adults to line up, Erin, Mother’s daughter was holding the large crystal bowl of water and rose petals. The procedure was Mother would sprinkle the water and petals on the head of those presenting. You were supposed to keep the petals and press them in a Bible or put them on your altar. She would sprinkle each person, and then they would step down and the line would move on.

So it was sprinkle, bless, sprinkle, bless, sprinkle, bless until she came to me. At which point, instead of dipping her fingers and sprinkling, she stuck her hands in the bowl, got a double handful of water and doused me so thoroughly that the water ran down my blouse and soaked my bra.

I don’t know why she did that. I think I will not think about it too much. However, I think it epitomized the Teachings. Even at your holiest moments, you deal with the human and the practical. And nobody ever explains some of the weirder things that happen.

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