Mother Mary’s Way

Spiritual Education for the Aquarian Age

by Linda Mason

“Let children know at an early age that they can listen to the voice of the Inner Christ …The beauty of the Montessori method is that it encourages this communion.” – Ascended Lady Master Nada Rayborn, Pearls of Wisdom®, vol. 38, no. 20, May 7, 1995.

child learning astronomyThe Mary’s Way Team is happy to share the news that Teaching Centers and Study Groups worldwide are answering the call to provide Montessori Spiritual Education for the children in their communities by establishing Mother Mary’s Way programs. So far Children’s Chapels have been lovingly opened in Bozeman, Chicago, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Phoenix, Seattle and Santo Domingo. More are on their way at North Glastonbury, Montana; McAllen, Texas; New York City; Miami; Washington DC; Amsterdam, Holland; Medellin, Colombia and Santos, Brazil! We wonder who and where will be next?

The many dedicated teachers have been busy with Mother Mary’s work setting up the prepared environments, learning to give the lessons and magnetizing children and families to their groups. The children have been immersed in scripture and have experienced the opportunities to connect with their Higher Selves and to anchor the truth they know in their hearts to the outer planes of the material world.

bible lessonsJust as the academic Montessori lessons provide a concrete understanding of the abstract mathematical and language concepts for children, the Mary’s Way lessons provide this kind of understanding for the inner mysteries of the heart. They provide the children with a deep inner knowing that God is Real in them. Such an understanding rooted in their beings won’t easily be taken away by fallen doctrine or false teachers as the years go by and their worldly experiences increase.

By engaging their heart, head and hand chakras, these Montessori-based lessons provide a way for the children to meditate on the mysteries of God and commune deeply with the Light.

As Mother said of this process during the Education in the Age of Aquarius seminar in 1975: “Their concentrated work is meditation on the Word of God, contacting the Logos within.”

good shepherd lessonTo find out more about Mother Mary’s Way, please visit our website

Before the Conference, the Team is providing a special 2-day workshop for our current Mary’s Way Teachers: June 27th & 28th at the Bozeman Community Teaching Center. This will be a unique time for the teachers to work closely and informally with Miss Constance and Miss Cynthia, receiving individual and group support with opportunities to share their experiences and challenges with each other.

intense concentration on lessonIn the summer of 2016, we plan to once again offer our longer Teacher Preparation Course open to all Keepers of the Flame. For more information, you can sign up for Mary’s Way email updates at our web site:

Constance, Cynthia, Kathleen, Joye, Danielle, Therese, Linda and the entire Team look forward to being in touch with all of you who are interested in Mother Mary’ Way and to warmly greeting many of you at the Ranch this July!

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