When Opportunity Knocks, Answer Will Follow

By Margaret Pemberton

Margaret Pemberton at RTR
Margaret Pemberton at RTR
It was in Brooklyn, New York where I found the teachings of the Ascended Masters. I walked in a storefront Church, and there I saw the altar with the Chart of the Presence, Beloved Jesus and Saint Germain. On the other side of the altar was the picture of beloved El Morya, and focuses of Kuan Yin. The minister at that time was making an invocation, and I heard the name Sanat Kumara, and I knew that this was it for me.

I went to services and to learn of the science of the spoken word. It was a wonderful new beginning, because it was nothing that I had seen or heard before. I wanted to learn and know everything about the Ascended Masters. Beloved El Morya was with me all the time, and to see how he had guided me on the path that took me to Camelot and the Inner Retreat, where I served on staff. My motto is: “The Will of God will not take you, where the Grace of God will not keep you.”

O how exciting it is to trust the Master when the outer human mind might not perceive what is going on. It is Grace and God’s Grace that keeps us moving forward. The grace of God has kept me striving on the Path even though the rocks boulders were large. One has to keep moving forward. I am grateful for the opportunity to have taken the hand of the master and to continue to walk the path all the way home.

Here is a Petition to Beloved El Morya:

Oh El Morya, friend, teacher, leader and father. Extend to us today your Great Causal Body and Electronic Presence, so that we may enter a state of consciousness equal to your own. Help us to align our wisdom with a Higher wisdom, to attune our Love of the light with your Love. To actualize the power and radiance of your Diamond Heart. As we study with you in Darjeeling, bring us to know firsthand the Mystical Powers and magical Talents of your accomplished being. As we daily give your decrees, show us how to create an ownership of God’s Will, so all lesser matrices fall away. As we serve in and extend our community, guide us in precipitating the right course of action to reflect your intent for the coming age. Above all, dear one, we ask that the gates to you be opened with your password of Beauty. Through beauty we will approach, understand and remember. We commit to sharing our beauty with the World, so that all whom we meet are given entrance to your heavenly realms. El Morya, walk with us as we carry your greeting to the world. “God is great. Resplendent is his Splendor.”

Thank you, beloved Master El Morya for your loving patience and care for your chelas everywhere.

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