Our Search for the Teachings

By Carolyn and Campanella Walker

Campanella and I grew up in Monroe, North Carolina, a small town 25 miles east of Charlotte.

We were high school sweethearts. Campanella enlisted in the Navy right after high school and I went to a business college in our home town. We married in 1974 and moved to Key West, Florida where he was stationed. I moved back home months later because he was detailed overseas.

Carolyn and Campanella Walker

During his time in the military he joined a Christian group and gave his life to Jesus Christ. We both were young and I didn’t at that time really understand what it meant to be saved. I had been in a Baptist Church all my life and thought you were saved if you went to church. Campanella was discharged from the Navy in 1975, and returned home and became a member of the Baptist church I attended.

We both worked as the church secretary, taught Sunday school and attended Bible study on Wednesday nights. About a year passed when we began desire more from our religious teachings. We felt there had to be more to spirituality than giving your life to Jesus Christ and working in the church. We had so many questions and no one seemed to have the answers. The minister began to feel threatened because of our questions and began to distance himself from us. We were eventually asked to leave.

We began our journey to find and fulfill the burning desire we were feeling. We traveled near and far to hear every evangelist that visited the area. And still, the feeling and knowing there had to be more was burning within us. In 1976, we became members of Glorious Tabernacle a small church in Monroe. The people of the congregation were so full of love with such big heart flames. More evangelists made their way there with messages that seemed to satisfy us for a time.

Then a young minister about our age came for a week revival. We noticed something different about him. During that time he would visit us in our home. It was he, who introduced us to the Teachings of the Ascended Masters. He would leave books and tapes for us to ponder and absorb. Campanella and I began to feel the burning desire we had felt years before and was finally being satisfied. The links of the puzzle were finally connecting and beginning to make sense. We had discovered the missing link!

Campanella and I continued at Glorious Tabernacle, sharing what we had learned, and leading decrees. In 1977, we moved on from the church realizing it was time to expand even more.

Our first conference that we attended with Summit Lighthouse was in Philadelphia in 1977. We were ecstatic, just beside ourselves, and then during the lecture we were blessed with the clearing of our third eye to witness a beautiful violet color aura around Mother. It was an amazing experience for both of us.

After the conference we returned and felt like we had found our spiritual home. After learning more about the organization, we applied to become ‘Keepers of the Flame.’

A few years later we attended a conference at Camelot. Mother was married to Edward Francis. At the reception we had the opportunity to meet Mother. An exciting time for us. I remember Mother shook our hands and said “You finally made it!” We had finally made it home.

The journey hasn’t always been easy but we are grateful to Mother and Lanello for bringing forth the Teachings of the Ascended Masters and the opportunity to meet so many friends from embodiments gone by.

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