SU Report: Moscow Russia May 2015

By Rev, Neroli Duffy

Summit University in Moscow, Russia from May 6-10, 2015, was a tremendous success by the grace of God. The venue was Hotel Olimp in Kolomna, an hour from Moscow, and the subject was the highly acclaimed Magnet of the Heart. 144 people came from all over the Russian-speaking world to attend. The event was conducted by Rev. Peter Duffy and myself, who were overjoyed to return to Russia after an absence of ten years.

SU - Russia May 2015

Knights and Ladies of the Flame - Moscow 2015
Knights and Ladies of the Flame – Moscow 2015
There were many old-timers and some wonderful reunions. There were many newcomers and first timers, with a goodly complement of young people and Knights and Ladies of the Flame. As always, we were moved by the dedication and devotion of the Russian chelas. Their hearts are tied to the Mother of the Flame and to the Inner Retreat, which they see as their spiritual home. It is hard to put into words the wonderful heart connection and joy we all felt at the event.

Surely the masters’ and the messengers’ presence was tangible, and their timeless teachings bonded us all in one heart and mind. Different languages did not seem to be an issue as we communicated heart-to-heart—ably assisted by translators, of course.

Mealtime Moscow 2015Peter and I were assisted by Sister Elena Nicholson, who is originally from Russia and who did a tremendous job working with the Russian Leadership Team to put on the SU and take care of the myriad details that such an event entails.

Gratitude goes also to the hard-working translators, Alexandra Shirinskaya, Inna Vibe and Vadim Dolgochub. An added bonus was that our Study Group and Teaching Center Facilitator, Sharon Shaw, also came to Russia, with the express purpose of meeting with the study groups throughout the nation as well as with the leadership team. Sharon was accompanied by her husband, Alan Shaw, business manager at the Inner Retreat. Both enjoyed their first-time trip to Russia and hope to return.

Sharon in Russia
Sharon Shaw with study group members

The entire event was well-organized and all the details were taken care of. The conference room where SU was held was all-white with a high ceiling and a lovely altar set up. Wedding - Moscow 2015There was also a separate board room for meetings with the leadership team and study groups.

The children’s program was conducted by Ilya Marazova, who is well known to the staff at the Inner Retreat having spent six month as a volunteer serving in the kitchen.

This SU class itself was outstanding, with great conversations and discussions and wonderful question and answer sessions. In addition to the very full program there were four baptisms, seven communicant initiations, and one very joyful wedding.

Baptisms Moscow 2015
Baptisms, Moscow 2015

The Russian character is hard-working and yet joyous. As Mother Mary said of the Russian students in 1997, “They give their lives not only for the turning around of Russia but for the turning around of the souls and the hearts of those who have sustained Mother Russia for centuries. This is a holy people and a magnificent people.” (Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 40, no. 26)

Perhaps their many hardships suffered by the Russian people throughout many centuries have helped them learn to endure the challenges of life with good humor and grace. We talked together about the destiny of Russia and America and renewed our efforts to pray for unity and victory for both nations.

We close with the words of the messenger to staff members who were traveling to Russia in 1994:

“The lightbearers in Mother Russia and the states of the former Soviet Union and the lightbearers of America have a joint mission, to see to it that the prophecies of the end times are not fulfilled with our decrees and our working together and our services and our spreading the teachings throughout the former Soviet Union is the ascended masters’ desire.

“All students in Russia who have these teachings have a very high calling to distribute them so that the people can use the violet flame to transmute 70 years of communism and the conditions that have ensued because of communism, and to save the republics before they are utterly destroyed by the corruption and the organized crime that is rampant in these republics.

“Saint Germain is counting on all of you who know these teachings, who now can call to your Mighty I AM Presence and invoke the violet flame, to consider yourselves as his minutemen and women to save the mighty peoples of the former Soviet Union. We have our services for this cause every Saturday night—we have held them every Saturday night for decades—where we pray for world peace and invoke the violet flame to consume the cause, effect, record and memory of war on this planet.

“If it had not been for world communism and communism of Lenin, Trotsky, Marx and so forth, if these evils of communism had not destroyed Russia, Russia would be equal or perhaps even greater than the United States today. This is what the fallen angels have done to these people.

“I am dedicated to restoring them (the Russian students and the people of Russia) to their birthright. I am profoundly grateful that they are applying the teachings and that they are moving with haste to translate these teachings while there is this open window for the dissemination of the teachings throughout the Soviet Republics. You never know when the door will close and the hard line will come down again and situations will change. We have to work while we have the light. We pray for you always…. I send them all my love.” (Elizabeth Clare Prophet October 22, 1994)

Peter teaching SU - Moscow 2015

Peter and I told the students in Russia that the ascended master chelas in America and around the world also send them “all our love.”

Slava Bogu [PRAISE GOD!]



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