SU Santo Domingo – Keys to Overcoming Report

By Deisy de los Santos

During the 27th February until March 1st, Summit University seminar called Keys to Overcoming was held in the city of Santo Domingo. It was a wonderful adventure of the spirit, illustrated by the story of Odysseus on his journey through his cosmic clock. Lessons to let us remember what we should expect in our spiritual path.

Putting together this seminar and starting on February 27th, was very significant for the Dominicans present at this event, as this is the date when we celebrate our freedom and sovereignty as a nation. Assimilating during these three days wonderful teachings received from the World Teachers, Kuthumi and Master Jesus, the beloved Kuan Yin, Lord Maitreya and Mighty Victory, remind us to remember that the main freedom is what we achieve for our soul, when we enable her to return home, to the heart chakra so she can initiate her return to the Great Central Sun.

Fifty four participants, including three attendants from Puerto Rico and three from Costa Rica, comprised the attendance this year. We had a total of 9 participants attending a Summit University seminar for the first time.

Santo Domingo group photo

Participants in this Summit University were very interested in the seminar, to the point that on the second day being informed that we would be reducing some of the material to adjust to the schedule, they chose leave later instead of missing anything from the material.

Eleven people received the sacrament of baptism and one presentation at the Temple was held.

Santo Domingo sacrament of baptism

Our beloved Reverend Zaida Gonzalez led this Summit University with excellent collaboration of three local facilitators: Luis Francisco Simó, Clara Mock and Perfecta Francia Torres.

For the first time we had the collaboration of three youngsters and one adult of the community who executed the role of AV operators outstandingly. Definitely this was a great achievement for our generational continuity plan. And for the second year we have readers of translations to facilitate understanding of audio and video resources containing the teachings given by our beloved Guru Ma. This time, we added one of the technological innovations of Saint Germain making available an electronic tablet (iPad) to facilitate the work of readers. This resulted in a saving of paper by printing only one copy of the material as backup.

Thanks for the technological innovations of Saint Germain

Our beloved Kuan Yin made us feel her comforting presence giving us an incredible fluidity in this seminar, an atmosphere of harmony which was perceived in every corner of our facility and what is more important, giving their MANTRAS to achieve victory in each one of the lines of our cosmic clock. We had a powerful cleaning session.

We also thank the little elf who visited us, whose apparent mission was to remind us that every chela must be flexible, not take things so seriously and that we must learn to laugh at certain eventualities. In this seminar we had a playful microphone that sometimes moved alone!

This wonderful seminar Keys to Overcoming became an essential tool for us to remember that the spiritual path requires from us vision, perseverance and hard work but above all, that having decided to receive the initiation of the Holy Spirit, we are accepting for our lives a joy beyond measure.

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