Make Ascended Masters a Household Word!

By Sister Elizabeth St. Clair

How do we help Lanello’s 10,000, Sanat Kamara’s 144,000 and El Morya’s Chelas of the Will of God find the Teachings of the Ascended Masters? I think we go where they are, which means to me outreach.

Outreach can take many forms such as simple conversation on an airplane, train or other form of public transportation. Outreach can be planned and given to a large audience. Planned outreach can seem to be overwhelming your first time, but if you pray and ask for help and trust God, outreach can be joyous.

Every year we have two large outreach events at The Summit Lighthouse in the form of International Coordinated Outreach (ICO). Many people are on the team that plan the ICO and create the wonderful presentations and flyers for us to give at our locations around the world. I know some of these people, but not all of them, and I would personally like to thank them for all their hard work.

Another form of outreach that we do at the Washington, D.C. Community Teaching Center (DCTC) is very similar to the ICO. We participate twice a year in an expo put on by Pathways. It is a Natural Living Expo. Of course we are only speaking with local people in the Washington, D.C. area but that includes 146 Exhibitors, and 64 presentations throughout the day. As you can imagine that brings many people by our booth and to our presentation. Plus we advertise our Healing service and Sunday service in the Pathway’s magazine. The magazine has over 1000 active links and we want them to link to us.

You might wonder how we get ready for these Pathways events at the Washington, D.C. teaching center. First we have a team of wonderful women that keep their finger on the pulse of Pathways to make sure we don’t miss any important dates. They call themselves the Pathways committee and they are Diane Gunn, Martha Strickland and Soyina Mickey. These lovely ladies make sure about six months before each event that we choose a speaker, topic and come up with what the flyer, and poster should look like. The ladies also make sure the bill gets paid, the ad gets submitted and any links we can put in the magazine are taken care. Without these wonderful women the event would not happen.

Washington TC - Manuela Singleton

The night before the expo we have another dedicated team of people who pack the things we need for the expo. These dedicated people are the muscle behind our success and we appreciate all of their hard work. They are Christina Sarlo, Frank Sarlo, and Diane Gunn. These same people setup the table the morning of the event and repack at the end of the event. Our creative director for the table is Soyina Mickey. We can’t forget Robert Boone who created a piece that allows us to hang our chart of the Presence.

DCTC - Mary Woodward - Larrington Connell

Now the booth is ready and the team that mans the booth goes into action. Most of our teaching center has worked the booth at one time or another but we do have few steady people that always come and work. They are Carlton Eugene, William White, Elizabeth St Clair, and Christina Sarlo. This year we had a few more people work and as you can see they got into the joy of outreach, Manuela Singleton, Mary Woodward, and Larrington Connell. We also had a new person that contacted us through Project Reach Out, Lafayette Williams join us in manning the booth. Lafayette joined the KOF after his first time to our center and is currently working on his lessons.

DCTC - Elizabeth St Clair

The next team of dedicated workers are the people who setup the room for the presentation and make the handouts. We are given access to the room about 10 minutes before the start of the presentation and the AV and other items have to be setup quickly. Also, we have to decree to hold the balance before the presentation begins. The AV people are Frank Sarlo and Kenneth McGhee. Carlton Eugene and Lafayette Williams also helped with setup.

The greeters and the people holding the balance are Charlene Lasley, Diane Gunn, Soyina Mickey, Elizabeth St. Clair, Reverend Bonita Frazier and Christina Sarlo. As you can see many of us overlap and support other areas.


Finally we come to the speaker and the topic. Now remember, we determined the general topic six months earlier, but the real heart flame that has been presenting our outreach topics gets to shine now, Reverend Kenneth Frazier. As part of this presentation we gave two decrees to the violet flame: I Am Forgiveness and I Am a Being of Violet Fire. For 30 minutes our presentation is given and then we tear down the setup and leave the room. We do have a review of how things went after the presentation.

This spring’s Natural Living Expo was Sunday, April 12, 2015 and we had approximately 90 people present for our presentation of Saint German the Seventh Angel. Twenty people left their contact information with us. And we sold approximately $143 in books.

After the expo, we go to work on getting the people to come and visit us for more presentations. From our previous expo in October 2014, we have two out of 30 people who come on a regular basis. Also the works starts again for the next expo in October. It takes a community to put together an outreach event.

Plus we still have to hold the balance back at the center for those who come to Sunday service. Susanne Villeneuve, Rhonda Sabater, Charlene Lasley and Elizabeth St Clair held the balance at the center. You can have a successful joyous outreach event by planning, and your community working together along with the Ascended Masters. We take our heart flame where Lanello’s 10,000, Sanat Kamara’s 144,000 and El Morya’s Chelas of the Will of God are and magnetize them to God’s Light.

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