New York City Lively Outreach Event

By Louis Difo for the New York City Teaching Center OutReach Team

Thank you Summit Lighthouse for your support in posting the event online and your email on the process of printing the presentation notes.

The Divine Blueprint For Healing outreach event was a God Victory, by God’s grace and community participation. A total of 21 people attended the event. The response was very positive from the attendees.

One 80-year old lady said afterwards she felt like Archangel Raphael was holding her in His arms during his entire dictation. Every participant had the opportunity to introduce themselves and say how and when they found the Teachings.

Among the audience were two young people in their 20s/early 30s who attended the New York Teaching Center back in the mid-80s and 90s. One young lady who returned for the first time since the 90s remembered being in childcare at the TC while her parents attended the Saint Germain service and other services in the Chapel. When she introduced herself she said: “I have returned to my roots.”

There was lively participation, questions and comments from the audience as well.

The community fellowship before and after was heartwarming…and delicious! A community member had prepared a 7 layer hummus dip, and others brought Indian food – somosas (a fried or baked pastry with savory filling), cooked sweet plantains, chips, drinks, etc.

People also liked the meditation music Angels at Twilight by the Messenger of Music Dorothy Lee. Some attendees, including the young lady mentioned above, wanted to buy a copy to play at home.

Sealing the session with the clip on the Healing Thoughtform and the full dictation of Archangel Raphael had the effect of anchoring the whole experience almost as a darshan on healing.

Again, thank you for your support at HQ and our gratitude to the entire community in New York for their contribution in so many ways.

Always Victory

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