Divine Blueprint for Healing Seminar – Santo Domingo

By Deisy de los Santos

On March 22 this year, the Study Group of Santo Domingo offered a conference for the general public called Divine Blueprint for Healing, as part of the International Coordinated Outreach (ICO) program of our Church.

A month before conducting the conference, we began our program of spiritual preparation for binding any opposition or attempt of opposition to the expansion of the teachings of the Ascended Masters in the city of Santo Domingo and the rest of the Dominican Republic. We carried out a service to demagnetize the city of Santo Domingo free from human consciousness and for its magnetization with divine consciousness. We included calls to sponsor souls with the assistance of Elohim Arcturus. Two weeks earlier, during the ritual of our service to Shiva, we asked the Ascended Masters to instill with light our posters and flyers and protect them.

The communication plan for our event consisted in a full color publication in the newspaper, in launching an online campaign on Facebook and Instagram, postering and distributing flyers throughout the city.

To this great event attended 115 people, of whom 88 were adults, including 14 conference staff members and 13 children. For 37 of these participants this was their first experience at a conference of this nature. We received with gratitude two keepers of the flame of other cities that were absent in the study group for a long time. One of them told us that she hopes to renew her membership soon. Always Victory!

Expanding the Teachings in Santo Domingo

Deisy De los Santos served as facilitator for this conference on behalf of the Santo Domingo Outreach Committee. It should be noted the excellent collaboration we received from volunteers that this time were 14, especially to Mrs. Perfecta Francia Torres (Leader of Outreach Committee), Luis Francisco Simó, Clara Mock, Luis Nicolas Reyes, Oonagh Mok, Yuderky García, Ana González, Afortunada Seri and Ramón Inoa.

la expansión de las enseñanzas

We assigned four volunteers for the welcoming committee, identified them with visible signs to facilitate the identification of our conference location for participants who accompanied us for the first time. Two volunteers were at the hotel entrance and two on the table at the front desk nearby the conference room.

Deisy y los voluntarios

Two young people from the community helped us to mobilize the microphone at Q & A session, collecting the event satisfaction surveys and participant registration sheets.

We held our second ICO event for children in which our facilitator, Clara Mock, told the beautiful story of “The Pearl of Great Price” as part of the Mary’s Way Method. During the final reflections the children expressed their ideas demonstrating they had understood the story and its message. Later on, they completed other educational activities such as assembling puzzles with other Bible stories and coloring beautiful elementals, flowers and doves. Eventually they joined their parents in the conference room to share together a healthy menu comprised with light food and juice.

un evento de ICO para niños

I am grateful for the Summit University online outreach course I was able to take last semester. The process applied in our last two ICO events is an outcome from what I learned in this wonderful course. Spiritual work, teamwork and the excellent material received from HQ Outreach Coordination were the keys to manifest God’s Will at this event in our beautiful city of Santo Domingo.

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