Outreach Workshops in New Delhi

By Jaspal Soni

It is mid-April now and it already feels very hot in New Delhi. It seems unbelievable to realize how quickly the beautiful spring days of yester weeks have given way to the intense summer heat. The summer season in Delhi is usually very long and grueling—typically lasting up to five months while the temperature can soar as high as 120 degrees Fahrenheit with high humidity.

By God’s grace, the elementals have been gracious this year in keeping the temperatures in the milder range to help us with our outreach workshops. For the past two years, we have been conducting six to eight workshops every year in New Delhi—half of them during the months of March and April and the remaining half in October thru December time frame. We use the rest of the time in the year in meeting one-on-one with the workshop attendees to help them in furthering their understanding of the teachings.

India outreach - April 5, 2015
April 5th How to Work with the Angels event

We just finished conducting three workshops in a nearby hotel located about 15 minutes away by taxi cab. We had been planning these workshops since January by advertising in the local newspapers and New Age magazines. The workshops began at 10 a.m. and concluded at 5 p.m. with one hour lunch break. The topics of the three workshops were:

  1. How to Work with the Angels: Your Guides, Guardians and Friends (April 5);
  2. Secrets for Attracting Money and Cosmic Abundance to You! (April 11); and
  3. Overcoming Negatives of Life by the Violet Agni: A Miracle Gift for YOU! (April 19).


India outreach, April 11 - Jaspal presenting
April 11th – Jaspal presenting ‘Secrets for Attracting Money and Cosmic Abundance to You!’

An average of 20 – 25 people attended each workshop. About 2/3 of attendees were new. They had seen our ads in the media and were drawn by the picture of Guru Ma and the violet flame. We felt the energies for each workshop were positive and the people were very receptive. We noticed that more women are attracted to the teachings than men, just like in the USA. After all, it is the Age of the Divine Mother!

India outreach - April 11, 2015
April 11 event group photo

Also, we noticed that most people who have attended our workshops to date are practitioners of the psychic healing methods using natural and alternate techniques including Reiki, Vastu, Pranic healing, Tarot-reading, etc. Interestingly, most of them had heard about the violet flame through a friend or a book and they wanted to find out more about the teachings. Also, very few people had heard about beloved Saint Germain.

We observed that people were very excited to have found the teachings, the chart of the I AM Presence, violet flame and the science of the spoken word. The feedback we received from the attendees was very encouraging. People wanted us to repeat the three workshops in the Fall with added information on meditation and decreeing.

Ilya at the ashram.

We had set up our sale tables displaying Summit University Press books, decree and musical CDs, wallet-size and larger–size photo cards, Hindu portable altars, and other promo material. Poonam, our technical administrator, tended the registration table while Seema (a local Keeper of the Flame) and Ilya Morozov (a member of the Knights and Ladies of the Flame from Russia), who is visiting the ashram for three weeks – were a big help in making everything go smoothly. We gave certificates of attendance to everyone as it a customary practice to do so.

We have invited the attendees of the three workshops as well as the old members to the ashram on Sunday, April 26 for an evening of fellowship, food and fun. We believe it would be helpful for everyone to share their spiritual testimonies on the violet flame with others to strengthen their heart ties and bonding as a community. We will explain them next steps in their spiritual journey, including how they can become a Keeper of the Flame.

India outreach - April 19, 2015
April 19 – Overcoming Negatives of Life by the Violet Agni: A Miracle Gift for YOU! event

On Saturday morning, April 25, around 11:30 am when the earthquake of 7.9 magnitude hit Nepal, we had just started playing an invocation from Mother to begin our workshop on Secrets of Attracting Money and Cosmic Abundance to You at the ashram. Four people had asked us to redo the workshop as they had missed it earlier. The earthquake happened during the invocation. The floor of the living room in the ashram kept shaking gently for about 20 seconds but not so violently. We came out of the room onto the balcony and did a prayer and then began our workshop. On Sunday around 12:49 pm, a second earthquake of 6.9 magnitude hit Nepal again. More than 2,500 people so far have been reported dead in the first round and the numbers are expected to rise. We are ahead of the MST by more than twelve hours, so we joined the Ranch on Sunday morning for the Saint Germain Service and have been playing violet flame decrees for the elementals continuously.

On Sunday, April 26 in the afternoon, we invited the attendees of the three workshops as well as the old members to the ashram for fellowship, food and fun. Over 20 of them came and gave the violet flame decrees to the victims of the Nepal earthquake and shared their spiritual testimonies with others. We explained next steps open to them in their spiritual journey, including how they can become Keepers of the Flame.

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to the world-wide community for your continuing prayers and loving support!

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