The Healing Power of the Violet Flame

By Dawn Curran

(This lady is remarkable, and plans to get in touch with The Summit Lighthouse people in Arizona when she gets there. We have spoken often. I think that Saint Germain had her tucked up his sleeve as a secret ambassador!!! God willing, I will see her at the conference.)

This is a testimony from an inquirer to the healing power of the violet flame. Her name is Patricia Jamieson. She is from New York and she first found out about Saint Germain at an Ascended Master retreat. May her witness inspire others as it has me!

Violet Flame to Heal Body, Mind and Soul bookPatricia bought the book Violet Flame to Heal Body, Mind and Soul and started saying the violet flame decrees every morning for 15-20 minutes. She says that she has had lifelong total body and pain problems – chronic joint pain which severely limited her mobility. She says “I couldn’t move, every move was excruciating pain! I didn’t even want to live. I thought I would end up in a nursing home.”

Her doctors had all told her there was nothing they could do other than give her pain pills, that she would have to learn to live with it. She tried everything – acupuncture, physical therapy, medication – nothing helped.

After a couple of weeks of giving the violet flame every day, her pain is much improved. She is now able to board the bus to go shopping and even have energy left over afterwards. She says her knees haven’t been swollen and that the pain hasn’t been back!

“I feel like my body is new! My body and my mind are strong! My emotions are feeling strong!”

Patricia is now planning a trip by Amtrak to the Grand Canyon. She feels that “the opportunity is NOW! I am on the right path. When I look at people I look at their souls.”

She recently participated in the telephone conference call on the violet flame and experienced the healing of old records. “I feel optimistic about life now! And that little tiny book for $4.95 did all that! I have all kinds of books on healing. I have collected them all my life but that one tiny book – the first night I did it – I was like ‘Wait a second – that did something!’”

She realizes that the violet flame has cut her free from binding ways of thought and beliefs that she held for years. “For me it’s like a whole new life – especially the emotional, spiritual part. I am learning to have compassion. My heart is healing. My DNA is being healed. People tell me I look different. I just want to be with the love energy!”

She says she is now working for Saint Germain and tells any other people who will listen about the Miracle Violet Flame.

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