SU Seminar in Miami, Florida

Understanding Yourself, Part I

By Rev. Zaida M. González

On February 14-16, I had the blessed opportunity and the honor to co-present the Summit University Seminar Understanding Yourself Part I with Sister Yolanda Betancourt in Miami, Florida. For three days, we were immersed in the profound teachings sponsored by the ascended masters Kuthumi, Lord Lanto and God Meru.

SU in Miami - February 2015

Miami caught us off guard, since it was cold and we didn’t expect that kind of weather in Florida. What a big surprise! Anyway, local keepers were very supportive of us and we managed ourselves to keep warm.

People from Miami, Broward, New York and Montevideo-Uruguay, came to learn about the different aspects of our psychology that influence and motivate us. 24 people attended the Seminar, four were new to the teachings. The board expected 10 more people, but they cancelled at the last minute due to different situations.

The participants listened carefully to Mother’s explanations on Lanto’s dictations about the psychological blocks that hinder our spiritual development. The Seminar was very dynamic. People enthusiastically filled in the blanks spaces in their Student Workbook. They also asked very important questions about the content of Mother’s lectures and were amazed on how simple things can affect our relationships and spiritual path.

In their dictations, our psychologist Master, beloved Kuthumi, as well as the blessed Mother Mary and God and Goddess Meru, gave us import keys to be aware of our blind spots and to use our resources and tools to solve the negative aspects of our psychology. The light that emanated from these dictations was very tangible and gave a very sense of lightness, especially for people that felt so burdened.

At the end of the seminar, we held a powerful decree session and 2 people were baptized. The decree session and the baptism ceremony as well as the spikenard blessing crowned the seminar. We had a marvelous spiritual journey for the three days we spent with these beautiful and committed people from the State of the Sun.

The board members and the Summit University Committee organized every detail of the event and were very supportive of the presenters. People who attended mostly were Spanish-speaking people who felt very happy to receive the explanations and have the questions answered and decree in their own language. Part II and III are scheduled for the next two years.

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