Tips for Keeping Newcomers

By Robert Mongrandi

I am writing this because most of us in the Teachings would like to see us galvanize more lightbearers to our Teaching Centers and Study Groups. I would like to share some ideas with you. These ideas being gleaned by talking to Keepers of the Flame all around the country and my observations over my years in the Teachings. In the past I have served on the Board of Directors at the Philadelphia Teaching Center.

Philadelphia TC buddha statue

First of all be sure to return phone calls. We sometimes get busy and it’s easy to forget to return a call to a new seeker. These calls are important, some people base their first contact with how swiftly their call is returned. Others will call back several times, until their call is returned. Try answering in a quiet place without decrees blasting in the background.

Keep your Teaching Center websites updated. An article in the Philadelphia Inquirer a few years ago stated that people searching for a church will go to a church based on the quality of their website. It only takes a few minutes a week to keep a website updated.

Philadelphia-teaching-centerDon’t judge a book by its cover! There are many beautiful people who come to our lectures, Teaching Centers and Study Groups. These people may have burdens we never had or may no longer have. People burdened by drugs, alcohol, depression, etc…

There are many who enjoy giving lectures but some people shy away from nurturing newcomers. Talk to newcomers, find out where they are at spiritually and find out where they are at as a human being. Pray for them.

I met a person recently who smoked marijuana since he was very young. He read two of our books. He quit smoking, has now read over 20 of our books. He has gone to Summit University online and wants to become a Minister!

Beware of fanaticism. Everybody is different, some understand the Teachings better than others. Some may want to do an hour of decrees a day, another only 10 or 15 minutes. Let each move at their own pace and gradually push them forward.

Some new people have a lot of questions. They come from all sorts of backgrounds, new age and traditional religions. Don’t just hand them a book and walk away. Do your best to answer their questions. If you do not know, tell them so, then look it up.

Keep God-Harmony in your Centers! Boards come and Boards go. Everybody has their own idea of how things can be improved. Build upon what has gone before, don’t just tear down. It’s easy to hurt people unknowingly. Learn to work with the Community. This in itself will be a magnet.

New people need to know we care! Perhaps this is the biggest key in getting them to join the fold!

I hope that others will use this newsletter as a forum to share ideas.

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