Outreach 2015 in Minneapolis

By Karen Brewer

Outreach 2015 at the Minneapolis Teaching Center is off and running with a variety of opportunities for lightbearers to connect and participate!

Minneapolis Teaching Center chapel

ICO Presentations: The ICO presentations have been wonderfully prepared and received. Hats off to Bridget and her team! We started the year with a successful Empowerment through the Seven Archangels ICO event on January 15, 2015. Thirty-three attended with 10 new or nearly new participants. Blueprint for Healing was presented on March 26th with three attendees reporting profound spiritual experiences during the healing meditation. Five new or nearly new people attended.

Sacred Adventure: We are on our third cycle of presenting a seven-month cycle of classes of the Sacred Adventure program. Sacred Adventure is offered on the 3rd Thursday of the month with soup and salad at 6:15 and the program beginning at 7:00 pm.

Minneapolis TC chelas

Bookstudy: Minneapolis has been offering bookstudy for several years. We currently have three ongoing bookstudy groups that meet in the homes of members of our congregation.

Bible Study: Bible study has been popular in Minneapolis. The group meets on Monday nights at the Teaching Center.

Sunday Service: Our Sunday Service is our weekly public outreach event—our face to the public. We are integrating the children’s story (often downloaded from the TSL website and embellished with props from our Sunday School classroom) as an important part of our Sunday Service offering for families. We are grateful to the Ranch and ministers for the excellent archived video and audio Sunday Services! Our service conductors use the archived sermons and dictations as needed and conduct the rest of the service live. Our Sunday Service is from 10:00 to 11:30 a.m.

Minneapolis TC Sunday service

Summit University: We look forward to hosting a Summit University online course in 2015. The proposed program is The Victory Way of Life!

Community Events: We continue to offer special meals and gatherings throughout the year. Our next community meal is planned for Easter Sunday.

Children’s Program: For families, Sunday School is offered on a biweekly basis. Our Mary’s Way program for younger children is being set up in a special room to complement our existing Sunday School program. The Sunday School mandala has re-organized for 2015 and more volunteers have come forth to share their talents and love with the children.

Congratulations to the Minneapolis chelas, the Ranch and the masters for successful collaboration to provide dynamic and nurturing programs for our new people and congregation in 2015!

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