Much Excitement at the Ashram!

By Jaspal Soni

Pilgrims from Russia

The month of March has been very exciting and full of bubbling positive energy at the ashram in New Delhi. The following two joyous stories say it all.

Saraswati at the Ashram
Saraswati at the Ashram

The first one is about a band of Russian chelas who stopped for a visit at the ashram on March 4 for a three week pilgrimage of India. We had together a delicious lunch prepared by our cooking lady, Saraswati, and assisted by Poonam, our admin assistant. Following lunch, we had a brief service that included the ashram ritual on Soul Purification, a video PowerPoint presentation focusing on the role of India and America in the golden age, concluding with a brief decree session and the Holy Communion.

They visited again the next day and joined us for lunch followed by an intense decree session led by Vadim. We concluded by listening to the dictation of beloved Babaji given in 1995 followed by the Holy Communion. They left on March 7 for Agra (the city of famous Taj Mahal), Sarnath (where Gautama Buddha received the enlightenment), Bodh Gaya (where Gautama gave his first sermon) and Darjeeling (home of beloved El Morya).

Russian Pilgrims at the Ashram

They returned to the ashram on March 22 after having visited all these holy places. They were overflowing with much positive energy with many exciting stories to share. We had an Indian lunch and dinner together and had a brief decree session giving decrees to beloved Surya and the violet flame followed by the Holy Communion.

Vadim was very much moved by the spirituality of the Indians. He said, “Having touched the holy land of India with my feet, living in Russia and seeing pictures of India on the Internet does not mean anything anymore to me. Even so more importantly with my heart, the experience has touched me deeply inside.” He promised to return soon again with his friends. We enjoyed their company very much, especially their deep devotion to the masters can be felt by their heart flames.


The second one has more to do with what we are here for. On Saturday, March 7, we paid a visit to a yoga center located more than an hour away by a taxi cab in New Delhi. We were invited by the owner of the yoga center whom we had met at the New Age expo last month. It was a neighborhood yoga center located on a busy road where mostly adult students, 18 years and above, visit for morning and evening yoga and dance lessons. We arrived at their place around 4 pm. It began to rain very heavily as soon as we arrived. As a result, most of the people could not make it.

David, Poonam and I sat with those who came in and shared the teachings on the violet flame. They asked us many interesting questions. The owner has invited us to come back again soon for a half a day presentation. We are looking forward to it.

Here are a couple of pics of David having fun with the kids at the nearby non-governmental organization (NGO) called ‘Project Why’. The NGO is for the slum kids and teaches them Hindi, English and other skills.

David with staff and children at the NGO

He went there on Saturday, March 28. Since it was the day of the birthday of Lord Rama (a national holiday), there were not too many kids in attendance. He went again today (March 31) with Poonam at 9:30 am and returned around 12:30 pm. Poonam had left him there to be by himself so he could interact with kids freely. He said he had a great time with them. The NGO teaches kids English on Mondays and Hindi on Tuesdays. Since today was a Tuesday, David wants to go there again next Monday to teach them English before he flies back to US on Wednesday (April 8).

David at the NGO

David's farewell gathering
David’s farewell gathering

Additional Note: We have planned three full-day (10:00 am-5:00 pm) outreach workshops on April 5, April 11 and April 19 at the Bamyan Hotel in Lajpat Nagar in New Delhi. Please pray for the cutting loose of lightbearers to come to these workshops.

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