Seeing a Wallet-size Chart of Your Divine Self

By Frank Petrik

Frank Petrik at PRO meeting at Freedom 2014
Frank Petrik at PRO meeting at Freedom 2014

During my first marriage, my second child was born with spinal bifida. The doctor informed me that unless our daughter was given antibiotics within two hours of birth she would die. I was given the choice of what we like him to do. Without hesitation I chose for her to be given the antibiotics. I remember immediately replying, “Save the child!” Our daughter stayed in the hospital due to her medical condition.

Several weeks later at work, I approached a co-worker and he had the top drawer at his desk open. I was easily able to see a wallet size Chart of the Divine Presence in that drawer. As he started to close the drawer, I asked him what the photo was about. He took it out and showed it to me explaining what it was and that it was from the I AM activity in our area.

One day visiting our daughter in the hospital, I noticed an image above her in the air that was the same as the chart I had seen in my friend’s drawer at work from the I AM activity. Shortly after our daughter passed on. I visited the I AM activity in our area and occasionally attended services never becoming a formal member. I also read the three I AM books over a period of several years.

A few years later, my friend came to me and informed me that there was another group in our area similar to the I AM activity that decrees at a much faster pace. The name of the group is The Summit Lighthouse.

The following Friday, I attended the ascension service at the Summit Lighthouse. After the service, I found it difficult to speak because we had been giving Omni decrees at a rapid pace. I felt tremendous energy moving in me while doing the decrees. I knew this was it. I had found my place.

I kept attending services at the Summit Lighthouse and I am still at it today. My love and gratitude for the masters only grows stronger.

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