February 2015 Outreach Victories

by Jaspal Soni

We know that outreach is vital tool for the growth of any organization. Since the formal establishment of the Chananda Cultural Society in 2012 in India, we have regularly participated in two major annual events that are held in the month of February in New Delhi. Most of our present members that have joined us were contacted through these two events! As a result, we value these events very much and look forward to participating in them with great anticipation every year.

New Delhi World Book Fair

The first of these two events was the annual ‘New Delhi World Book Fair’ held on February 14-22 at Pragati Maidan, the centrally-located Government of India exhibition grounds. The eight-day long event began every day at 11:00 am and closed at 8:00 pm. The Fair was organized in 20 spacious buildings conveniently located at walking distances and attracted over an estimated one million visitors.

David at World Book Fair
David at the World Book Fair

The second event was the annual ‘Life Positive Expo’ held on February 20-22. This is a new age exhibition that is very popular with the energy healers, alternate healing practitioners, and young seekers who are looking for answers to life. The Life Positive Foundation has a flagship monthly magazine called Life Positive, which is extremely popular in India among people of all ages. The three-day expo was held on the beautiful garden campus of the famous India Habitat Center grounds from 10:00 am until 7:00 pm.

Life Positive Expo booth

We had set up our booths in both venues with the help of local Keepers of the Flame. David Tonkin had arrived just a week before to help in the two events. We sold many books, decree booklets and CDs, musical CDs and other items. A key purpose of participating in these events was to contact the lightbearers and invite them to attend our three upcoming workshops planned for the month of April in Delhi.

Life Positive Expo violet flame talk

We contacted many seekers and shared with them the teachings on the I AM Presence chart, the violet flame and the science of the spoken word. We conducted a one-hour workshop on violet flame at the Life Positive Expo in a tent. We also decreed with the group sharing with them the teachings on healing of the chakras with violet flame. We found the people were very enthusiastic and receptive and wanted to learn more about the violet flame. About 200 people signed up and expressed their interest in attending the workshops. We will be contacting them to remind about the workshops.

Three April Workshops:
Workshop 1: How to Work with the Angels: Your Guides, Guardians and Friends! (April 5)
Workshop 2: Keys for Attracting Money and Cosmic Abundance to You! (April 11)
Workshop 3: Overcoming Negatives of Life by the Violet Agni: A Miracle Gift for You! (April 19)

The workshops will be held in a nearby hotel from 10:00 am-5:00 pm. We are grateful to the ascended masters, beloved Mother and our dear community for your prayers in making all this possible for the victory of light in India. Thank you!

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