Glowing Book and Finding the Teachings

By Dan Kehoe the (slightly) Younger

DK and DK going to Maitreya MountainHow I found the Teachings was more how my dad found them. Growing up Catholic in the 60s and 70s, the family culture was always to search for more meaning in religion. This led us on a wide ranging search from Edgar Cayce, Yogananda, gnostic and apocryphal texts, to eastern religions. We always knew there was something more than just that we were lucky enough to be born into the only faith that could guarantee entrance into heaven.

In the mid-70s my dad attended a weekend spirituality seminar in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. During one of the lectures, he was sitting by the doorway able to look out the door and across the hall into the conference bookstore. As he looked at one of the display tables, he noticed one book had a nice glow on it. Ever the fan of effective marketing, after the lecture he went over to the bookstore to see how they were lighting up the book.

The book was The Great White Brotherhood in the Culture, History and Religion of America. After looking over the table, under the table and in the book, he realized it wasn’t a physical light that was lighting up the book. Needless to say he took that as a sign and purchased the book. He spent the next three days, not attending the seminar, but sitting in his motel room reading the book. Shortly after that my parents traveled out to Pasadena to attend their first conference.

I was attending college in Iowa and getting ready to leave to head home to Florida with my brother and a friend. My dad called up and recommended we check out Summit University in Colorado Springs. After all, Colorado is closer to Iowa than Florida. (Hey the logic worked for me!)

First stop La Tourelle. So we headed out to our first view of the Rockies and the West. We found Colorado Springs easily enough, but for some reason it took us a day and a half of driving all around the Broadmoor area to find La Tourelle.

As I walked up to the door I had one of those moments when you know there is an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other. Having no clue what was on the other side of the door, my heart leapt and a voice kept saying “This is it! This is it!” Which caused the opposing voice to chime in “Shut up you have no idea what this is.”

We asked the kind lady who opened the door if this was Summit University. She honestly told us “no, it had moved to Pasadena, California.” So the excited voice went suddenly crestfallen and the opposing camp was glad of the close escape.

As we walked back down the drive, the door opened again and we were invited in and told this was The Summit Lighthouse. We then had a great question and answer period with Marilyn Barrick in the living room where Mark Prophet so often gave his Sunday talks. Our hostess then showed us quite and array of books, to which we asked which would be a good starter book. She recommended El Morya’s Chela and the Path.

I opened it and read the first line “The tall pines of Darjeeling move against the morning light.” and my heart knew I was home. You see, back in sixth and seventh grade I would start the morning by staring out the windows at the tall pine trees behind the rectory as they moved in the slight breeze. That would start a philosophical discussion with an invisible teacher on the general topics of “Who am I?” and “What is Real?” Wasn’t hard to put two and two together and find it equaled Morya.

Leaving Colorado Springs, we headed over to Pasadena to check out Summit University before heading back to Florida (because Colorado is closer to California than Florida). We spent three days there listening to tapes of dictations and decrees and thinking “OK, this is different.” Back in Florida we saw Elizabeth Clare Prophet at the Tampa stump, started getting (but not necessarily reading) the Pearls of Wisdom. My parent vigorously pursued this new path, continuing to get books, tape albums and flying out to conferences.

I was stuck in the tricky grey zone where the soul recognizes the truth it has sought so long, but the outer mind has a momentum of keeping life in the illusory world of distractions and “safe” everyday living. (Because the Florida can be closer to anywhere than Reality?)

After an unexpected visitation that showed me my distant past, present and consequentially my potential future, I decided the Path offered a far better trajectory than the pub.

A few months later my parents and I ended up attending my first conference, two levels of Summit University and that great World Teachers seminar. And my inner angel became one happy camper. Looking back, it is amazing, humbling and a lesson in patience to see how many touch points one can find in life where the masters and the angels intercede on behalf of our souls through trees(!), books, internal flashes, and hard-hitting, fiery straight talk from their messengers to guide us on the Path of soul liberation.

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